Australian federal election, 2041

203814 September 2041 2042

All 160 seats in the Australian House of Representatives

and 40 (of the 76) seats in the Australian Senate

First party Second party Third party
Andrew Burges (The Realignment)
Verity Barton
Carey Ganton
Leader Andrew Burges Verity Barton Carey Ganton
Party Australian Nationalist Liberal National Labor
Leader since 29 January 2037 (2013-06-26) 21 April 2033 (2009-12-01) 6 October 2039
Leader's seat Cowper Longman Benalla
Last election 48 seats 48 seats 37 seats
Seats won 65 seats 42 seats 23 seats
Seat change +17 -6 -14
Popular vote 7,100,595 6,194,952 2,304,346

A Federal Election took place on 14 September 2041 for the members of the 57th Parliament of Australia. It was won by incumbent far-right Prime Minister Andrew Burges against the opposition centre-right Liberal National and centre-left Labor parties.

The election took place following the Australian Nationalists rise to power behind Andrew Burges, who, on 6 June 2040 managed to convince five independent representatives to "cross the floor" and abandon the incumbent Liberal Nationalists led by Verity Barton. Two days later, Barton resigned, and Burges was inaugurated as the nations 33rd Prime Minister.

Under the short-lived First Burges Government, the economy began to improve due to the Australian Nationalists protectionists policies, and many began to associate the surplus with Burges. Due mainly to these reasons, the Nationalists won a clear majority during the election.

However, the '41 election also marked the beginning of the immigration debate which would lingered until the 2045 election. The Australian Nationalists ran on a "neo-white Australia" policy, whilst the Liberal Nationals and Labor parties ran on either moderate or open-border platforms.