Australian Federal Election, 2027 (The Realignment)

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Australian federal election, 2027
Flag of Australia

20246 November 2027 2030

All 152 seats in the Australian House of Representatives

and 40 (of the 76) seats in the Australian Senate

First party Second party
Stuart Robert Portrait
Leader Tony Burke Stuart Robert
Party Labor Liberal National
Leader since 17 January 2020 (2009-12-01) 2 August 2021 (2013-06-26)
Leader's seat Watson Fadden
Last election 59 seats 54 seats
Seats won 54 seats 44 seats
Seat change -5 -10
Popular vote 6,757,910 6,633,409

A Federal Election was held on 6 November 2027 to elect the members of the Australian Parliament for 2027-2030. It saw a massive decline across the board for the former major parties, however, due to the sheer number of independents elected (39 seats) with no formal coalition between them, the Tony Burke-led Labor government retained power.

The election saw the first incarnation of the National Australian Party form as the 72 year old Jim Saleam, leader of the nationwide One Australia Movement. During the election, he led a loose coalition of right and far-right nationalists who stood up against both the government and opposition platforms, eventually winning a total of 7 seats.

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