USS Abraham Lincoln

Deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln

The Attack on the USS Abraham Lincoln was an incident between Iran and the United States, igniting the Great Middle Eastern War. The incident occurred on February 14, when an Iranian patrol boat came with in 2 miles of the Lincoln and didn't retreat.


Around 6:00am, an officer on the deck of the Abraham Lincoln reported about an Iranian spy plane flying over the Task Force, before heading back to Iran. That act led to the task force sounding battle stations, and became prepared. The Captain Alexander radioed to the escort destroyer and missile cruiser, and told them to ready their guns. The Iranian patrol boat advanced toward the carrier at an fast pace, and fired two torpedoes toward the carrier. Both made an direct impact, devastating the lower compartments, and knocking five F-18 Hornet's into the sea. The cruisers retaliated and sunk the boat, no survivors were picked up from the boat.

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