No one actually has them, but many scientists still know how to make them if they wanted to. There are several different nations that could make nuke over a 3 year period if they wanted to and got fissile material from a mine, weather it was there own or some other friendly nation's mine.

Note that no one has them as of this date and being able to make them doed not signify any pre-set public or regime support for them. The player has to chose to build and/or use them and may face a public riot and official protests from there nation's populous via a 'Mod event' if he does (see the OTL CND movement and alike).

  1. Republic of Wuhan
  2. Shogunate of Tokyo
  3. Shogunate of Hiroshima
  4. Federal Republic of Brazil
  5. Republic of Sichuan
  6. Republic of Québec
  7. Commonwealth Republic of Ontario
  8. Republic of Oregon
  9. Kingdom of Dhahran and Riyadh
  10. Republic of the Rio Plate
  11. Republic of Acapulco
  12. Democratic Republic of Izmīr
  13. Republic of North France
  14. Commonwealth Republic of East Australia
  15. Republic of Lucknow
  16. Republic of Bengalūru
  17. Republic of Hyderabad
  18. Holy Republic of Utah
  19. Republic of Cape Town
  20. Republic of Chile
  21. Soviet Republic of Ishim and the Kurgan
  22. Republic of Petropavlovsk
  23. Republic of Pretoria
  24. Democratic Republic of Minneapolis
  25. United Republic of Chenzhou and Guangdong
  26. Republic of Xi’an
  27. Democratic Republic of Astrakhan
  28. Republic of Transkei
  29. Kingdom of Durban
  30. Democratic Republic of Vancouver
  31. Republic of Egypt
  32. Yorùbá Republic of Lagos
  33. Democratic Republic of New England

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