Independent Imperial State of Atlantis
Project Atlantis Island was a combined construction coalition between the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Kingdom of France, Kingdom of Spain, Principality of Prussia, Switzaustrian Republic, Czechoslovakian Republic, Republic of Poland, Republic of Italy and the Republic of Ireland. The island was officially given to the UK as the British Colonial Imperial State of Atlantis under Emperor William I (King William V of Britain / Prince William). In 2029, Grand Minister Sebastian Campbell of the Imperialist Party launched the Atlantic Revolution and in 2031 won against the British and formed the Independent Imperial State of Atlantis, an electorial imperial state and Grand Minister Campbell and became Emperor Hope I of Atlantis and have an election every four years to decide the next Emperor and Grand Minister

Atlantic Civil War

In March 2071, Grand Minister General John LaTacelle of the Republican Party in the Atlantic Militarian Government, declared war against Emperor Hope IV and by October 2071 he had won and ex-communicated the Emperor and his supporters to America and became President of the Militarian Republican State of Atlantis. In June 2075, Emperor Hope IV gained support of the United States of America, Mexico and Canada (USAMC) and by January 2076, LaTacelle's forces had been crushed after the betrayal of General of the Army The Right Honourable Lord Charles Townsend, 2nd Right Honourable Lord of Townsend Estate, 2nd Duke of Emsfield and 2nd Baron Townsend and his forces and Emperor Hope IV declares LaTacelle as an enemy of the state and is publically executed in March 2076. Emperor Hope IV seizes control and forms the Second Independent Imperial State of Atlantis

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