Battle of New South Wales & Queensland


Xi'Eya-Human War


Battle of Perth

Assault of Dawn


November 14th, 2017 - November 16th, 2017


  • Flag of Australia Adelaide, Australia


Human-Vayuki victory

  • The Xi'Eya are pushed back to Perth
  • The liberation of Perth is being planned

UFE United Federation of Earth
Vayuki Vayuki Protectorate

Xi'Eya Xi'Eya Empire


UFE Hillary Clinton
UFE Robert French
Vayuki Izwki Aovar [1]

Xi'Eya Dqanwa / Dwmawa [2] Hji-Vyqu


UFE 6,044,000
Vayuki 699,500

Xi'Eya 913,000


UFE 2,608,000 killed/injured or captured
UFE 88 naval destroyers
UFE 140 battle aircraft
Vayuki 34,400 killed/injured or captured
Vayuki 14 small warships

  • 676,400 killed or captured
  • 188 - 196 small warships
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The Assault of Dawn was the greatest military operation in the history of mankind, consisting of a full-scale assault on Adelaide, aided by the Vayuki. The battle ended in a Human-Vayuki victory.


The war between the human and alien forces rages on Earth, destroying anything in its path. Many battles are fought, of which the majority are won by the Xi'Eya. Even so, the liberation of Europe and Australia is turning into a great succes, with alien resistance pushed back as far as Adelaide and Ukraine, respectively. The UFE provisional government is planning a possible invasion of the Adelaide urban area, which could push the Xi'Eya as far as Perth. However, before President Clinton can order the invasion, the new and unknown ships in orbit descend upon the world, many of which are distributed on the Australian continent. Fearing the possible alien allegiance of this unknown alien fleet, Clinton cancels the invasion. However, to everyone's surprise, the ships' hatches open, letting out countless of different aliens who start pushing through Xi'Eya forces. Finally convinced that these unknown extraterrestrials are our allies, Clinton re-orders the invasion of Adelaide. Allied alien forces soon join to help the human war machine.


  1. Some translations still use "Izouki", however "Izwki" is generally accepted. It was later discovered that he is the leader of the Earth-sent fleet.
  2. Both translations are accepted.