Assassination of Kim Jong Un Edit

Assassination of Kim Jong Un
Pyongyang 2509476b

Kim Jong Un, a few seconds before the shots were fired.

Location Ryongsong Residence
Weapons Barret 50 Caliber Sniper rifle
Date April 17, 2019

1:26 PM (Eastern Standard Time)

  • Kim Jong Un

Attack type

  • Political assassination
  • shooting
Deaths 1 (Kim Jong Un)

The Assassination of Kim Jong Un was an event that started the North Korean Civil War. It occurred on April 17, 2019. To this day, it is still unknown who shot and killed Kim Jong Un.

Background Edit

By 2017, North Korea had the power to hit any country on Earth with a nuclear warhead without an invasion or getting closer. The United States and South Korea felt as though it was a huge threat to them and to the world. US President Donald Trump came up with a solution, Project Disruption. The goal of Project Disruption was to leak as much negative information to the citizens of North Korea about their leader and country. When the information was leaked, many citizens were outraged, many tried to leave the country, but with more security, most of these people would be brutally executed.

Assassination Edit

On April 17, 2019, Kim Jong Un was standing on the balcony of the Ryongsong Residence waving to his people while they worshiped him. 2 shots came from an unknown location, they both hit Kim Jong Un's skull. He was dead on the spot.

Kim jong un died

His funeral would be held only a few hours before most of the citizens split from North Korea and became the Republic of Korea. He was placed in a glass case for everyone to see (Just like his Father).

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