The Asian Front was the second worst conflict in the war. The conflict started after the Japanese coup d etat and ended with a peace treaty signed in Takatsuki. The war went from December 2nd, 2018 to July 3rd, 2023.

Asian Front
Location Asia and the Pacific
Result Japan gained some land

Bolivia (partly)


Japanese Puppet States:

Pacific States of America

The Indochinese Empire

New Taipei


New China


East and West Korea






Brunei (Co-Belligerent)



Emperor Halashi Alokeshi Li Keqiang (2018-2023)

Li Yuanchao (2023)

Josue Larouse (2018-2021)

Hillary Clinton (2021-2023)

Moon kook-Hyun (2018-2023)

Vladimir Putin (until 2019)

Sergey Lavrov (2019-2022)

21,000,000 27,000,000 9,500,000
Casualties and losses
6,900,000 11,200,000 2,800,000


Major events are typed in bold.

December 2018

Japan has a coup d'état and becomes an empire again. They declare war on Korea and China. Taking advantage of the Korean Front, they conquer large parts of Korea. They also invade Taiwan.  This starts the Asian Conflict.

January 2019

Japan successfully invades Russia's Sakhalin Oblast while Russia invades Turkey. Russia's invasion of Turkey fails, and Chechenya expands. The Korean Front temporarily ends so that they can fight against the Japanese. The Japanese are able to take control of some parts of China.

February 2019

Japan's invasion of Taiwan was successful.  Japan decided to invade Vietnam. The UDS prepares for a large operation against Russia in May, known as Operation True Liberty. Meanwhile, Japan prepares for an operation in March to invade more of the Pacific(including America's Pacific Coast)

March 2019

Japan starts Operation Asian Sea, and starts invading parts of China, Russia, Cambodia, and Vietnam. This was the most bloody operation of the war and during the 3 months of the operation, more than nine million die, almost half of the Asian Front's casualties.

April 2019

 Japan keeps on invading, now invading the USA and the Philippines.

May 2019

Japan starts the second phase of Operation Asian Sea, and starts to install puppet states in the land they invaded.

June 2019[1]

Operation Asian Sea is finished. A new version of Almiridia is coded by GIMEC. The new version is even worse than the original and causes world panic for 17 days. This starts the Third Virus conflict. An uprising in Guatemala starts. This new Guatemala would become one of its greatest allies.

July 2019

Japan started an invasion of Canada.