Artificial Synthetic Life is the term for a mechanism (usually in humanoid form) that has artificial sentience. ASL's
Robot Woman

Artifcial Synthetic Life allows the creation of mechanisms that have artificial sentience and thought by some to be equal to humans.

commonly have the same legal rights as humans and are now seen as equals to humans.

Robot vs Android

Robots are (as you see to the right) are humanoid ASL's and do not have artificial skin or other things to make them look more human. Many robots do though have robotic skin to protect the mechanical innards from anything from dust to bullets.


An Android suffering from battle damage.

Androids are very much like Robots except that they are built to blend in with humans. They often have not only a robotic skin but on top of the robo skin they have artificial skin that makes them, in most circumstances, nearly identical to humans.

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