Robot and Woman

a Robot and his Human wife (circa 2120)

Artificial Sentience is the natural evolution from Artificial Intelligence as it not only allows computers and other artificial constructs to not only make decisions on their own but to actually make judgments and feel emotions beyond a set of data which dictates what to feel when something happens.

Sentience vs Intelligence

The most common measure to show the difference between sentience and intelligence is a very common emotion that once was thought to be a strictly Human emotion... love.

Love to a set of data is illogical along with complete loyalty, blind faith, hope against impossible odds, grudges and many other 'Human' feelings.

The reason for the most illogical (love) is actually rather simple. Why keep a single partner and limit oneself to only a single person when, if you are able to, gain multiple partners and, in biological beings, have many more children and much more pleasure?

Sentience is defined as the ability to feel and have consciousness and feelings while intelligence uses data only to make decisions.

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