Insignia of the Army of Terra

The Army of Terra is a radical environmentalist insurgent group operating throughout West Africa. Having allegedly been responsible for the tragedy of November Horror, the group was attacked by airstrikes and specialized American infantry during the War on Ecocentrism. Having lost much of its ground in Africa due to American military intervention, the Army of Terra nonetheless greatly expanded in Guinea during the Guinea War. Due to recent expansion and insurgent activity, analysts predict that the Army of Terra could launch an environmentalist revolution in Ghana, Sierra Leone, Niger, or Mali in coming years.


The Guinean Earth Front was the first African ecocentrist radical group, founded by Lansana Toure in the 2030s. The Army of Terra was an offshoot of the GEF, splitting off from the front in 2042 to expand into other West African nations. After the Guinean Earth Party established victory in 2055, the Army continued to push for uprising in other nations, much to the discomfort of Bruce Industries, which would continue to lose revenue given an additional ecocentrist revolution. In 2061, the Army of Terra allegedly caused the November Horror attacks, leading Donald King to declare the War on Ecocentrism.

Missile strikes, deployment of specialized American troops, and American support for local governments to combat the insurgency led to the decline in power of the Army of Terra. However, the Guinea War led the Army to expand into Guinea, gaining support from the Guinea National Earth Militias and amassing a strength of some 70,000 by 2066. After Albert Norman ended the War on Ecocentrism in 2069, the Army has increased in power, especially with the support of newly environmentalist Guinea.

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