A-1 otherwise known popularly as the Armageddon virus is a space borne disease or bacteria that was airborne and caused horrific deaths to its victims. the disease is of unknown origin although mounting evidence shows that it was man-made. the virus was mistaken for Ebola when it first came out in Europe, the vaccines didnt work and it became apparent that the virus was not Ebola. the virus killed its victims via fever bleeding, abnormal swelling of the organs or the damage to them after the swelling, this happened without any symptoms till the last stages causing many to unknowingly spread it to many more. in 72 hours 100000 people died of the virus and a few days later the virus spread to america. millions are exposed in a week, within the next week millions die. within 2 years 1.2 billion people die of the A-1 virus with america getting 40 million deaths alone. the virus was cured by a scientist using genetic engineering and enhancement

legacy and reaction

the A-1 virus was the worst outbreak in human history nearly causing the death of all humans if it wasn't stopped by science. It caused entire nations to quarantine creating economic standstills. the virus was the start of a mass reformation of the FDA and a terrible reminder on how easy it is to have an extinction level event

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