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Area 8118 would be a military base for cryonics research. Constructed in part by The Kingston University (or any other bunkers). It would be a bunker to protect cryonicists to face the end of the world scenarios (drug abuse, oil shortage, climates changes, pollution, criminality, AIDS, the news what.. etc..)

The only thing I can see against that is proliferation of the human race but I wonder if it would have problems too like in India (humans). Oil shortage and crimilatiy is quite difficult, however I think we should more focus on physics and less on chemistry, i.e. not like in Unbouding the future (Christine Peterson) but like The Physics of Impossible (Michio Kaku).

Because of my disease schizophrenia affective disorder, I wonder if I will be able to go to cryonics, since when I go to jail I can lost all my bank details even with the helps of my web site. I also suffer alot with my epival, pure obsessive compulsive disorder. Internet is quite a big joy.

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