Aquamore is the Capital of our endeavours. All that we know to exist began in this great city. Imagine, if you can, a few brave pioneers slowly excavating through rock and putting together, piece by piece, a project which was almost doomed to failure. Yet they succeeded, and without their help perhaps we would not be here at all.

-Aquamore: A Legacy

Aquamore is the Capital of the Marine Alliance, the largest city in that organization and was the first underwater city created by the Marine Rising project.


Aquamore was founded in 2124 by the Democratic Republic of India. Among the first forty two thousand were about twenty four thousand Indians, three thousand Chinese and Japanese, eight thousand Europeans, and one and a half thousand Americans. It was, as described by the Indian Prime Minister, a 'technological miracle', and contained resources and capabilities to last infinitely. The huge biomes designed for growing plants were designed on the Eden Project, in Cornwall, England. Oxygen suppliers, based on a Japanese design, were fitted in their millions.

More than three thousand people arrived in submarines between 2124 and 2131, but after that the water had damaged the ports so much that it was no longer safe to launch, even though tens and possibly hundreds of attempts were made to reach it or its twin city, Goldlake. This was despite a ban on arrivals into Aquamore other than official Marine Rising submarines.

In 2138, the Marine Alliance was founded by Aquamore and Goldlake. This was the most formal attempt by the three marine cities to unite their efforts. New Tokyo originally refused to join because of the differences in regime (the two Indian cities were far more democratic). This was designed so that any new cities or communities that were created could be regulated by a much more powerful organization.

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