The name Frears is a compound word for Free Ears, denoting theyre refusal to wear earpods. Frears also protested against human cloning and futurist technology, prefering a "normal" 20th century style of living.


the frears symbol

The Frears movement in Britain first appeared in the 2040's as a campaign against the use of technology in everyday life and to maintain life as it was in the 20th century. However after the passing of law 2315B in 2065 the frears movement grew rapidly and excersized strong power (2065 - 2070). However after the arrest of several leading members in April 2070 the movement began to fall apart. Many frears gave up their ideas and joined the rest of society leaving only about 14,000 frears left in Britain, these Frears fled to the Scottish highlands and enacted a resistance war against the Tylerist government. However gradually throughout 2070 - 2071 Frears settlements were destroyed and they were forced into smaller and smaller groups. Frears settlements remain in the highlands however these are isolated and have no influence.

In the United States, the Frear movement was more successful, with more than 98% of politicians banning the Earpods and stunting their country in someways.

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