The Anti-Poverty Party was created by Joe Hughes, an African-American who was going into debt in 2013. His party called for better living conditions for the poor, improvement in school systems, and giving the poor scholarships and money, to attend colleges that they can not pay for. Joe Hughes ran for president under his new Anti-Poverty Party, which was an opposite government, meaning the people told the government what to do or (anti-governmentalism, governmental socialism, and democracy). People claimed Hughes was an anarchist, but he claimed he did not want to take away powers from the government, but claimed that the United States was a socialist country, and needed to become a kingdom such as Norway, and United Kingdom. His party was not approved, so him and his group protested and started a revolution. His group was over 570,000 members and counting. The Anti-Poverty Party partnered with the advocacy group, the Right Way.

John Hughes at the 2022 election.

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