A map of the rail lines in Antarctica.

Currently in Antarctica there are 6 major high speed rail lines that span the country. They connect to every single major community in the nation. Since the founding of Antarctica in 2018 high speed rail has been pushed heavily in the antarctic nation. The Blue Line was completed in 2036 after years of hard labor in the extreme climate of the Antarctic Peninsula. 5 more longer lines were added later spanning from 2038 to 2099 when the Lime Line was added. Each line is maintained by the federal government.

List of National Rail lines

As of 2127 there are 6 major high speed rail lines. Each line has a different speed and train model. The fastest train is the Orange line which is also the longest line in Antarctica, it travels at 611mph on average. The slowest national rail line is the Blue line, which was the first line built. It travels at 389mph on average.

  • Blue Line - Esperanza to Rothera to Weddell. 2 round trips a day.
  • Purple Line - Weddell to Davis to McMurdo. 1 round trip every other day.
  • Orange Line - Weddell to Palmer to McKinley to Sanae to Novolazarevskaya to Mawson to Davis to Vostok to South Pole and back. 2 round trips a week.
  • Yellow Line - Alexandria to Palmer to Orkney. 3 round trips a day.
  • Green Line - Alexandria to South Pole to McMurdo. 1 round trip a day.
  • Lime Line - McKinley to Orkney. 3 round trips a day.

Regional Lines

Some major cities in Antarctica have their own regional rail lines that travel to suburbs or state/national parks. These trains, unlike the other lines, are maintained by the state governments. They are...

  • Victoria Burgundy Line - McMurdo to Old Town McMurdo (a suburb on Ross Island.)
  • Victoria Boulder Blue Line - Daniel to Annabell Park (a Victoria state park.)
  • Victoria Green Line - Though not officially classified as a regional line, the stretch of rail between McMurdo and Daniel is considered by the state of Victoria to be one of their regional lines. The line also connects to the suburb of Bing.
  • Havlo Pink Line - Esperanza to Ciudad Fria to Alexander (suburbs.)
  • Havlo Red Line - An emergency rail that travels from the capitol building to an underground safety shelter (technically not high speed rail.)
  • Byrdland Copper Line - Alexandria to Emperor Penguin Park (an Antarctica national park.)
  • North Antarctica White Line - Asuka to NA Highway 9 (expected to be demolished when Asuka's airport is completed in 2131.)
  • Atchabinic Navy Blue Line - Davis to Fort Sirius (a military base.)
  • Newbin Cherry Red Line - Vostok to the Lake Vostok military base.
  • Newbin Platinum Line - Lake Vostok military base to Fort Sirius, Atchabinic (Doesn't connect to the Cherry Red Line.)