Antarctica (Futatsuiwa of Sado)

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Antarctica is Earth's southernmost continent.

In 2275, the Antarctic Treaty System, along with the old claims, was abolished. In 2280, China, Korea, Japan, Argentina, Brazil, India, and South East Asia established claims to regions of Antarctica, and was divided between them.

By 2350, the nation's claims soon became a integral part of their nation, and recognised Worldwide.

Antarctic territories

Map of Antarctica (Futatsuiwa of Sado)
  • Taishan Province, China (Dark Blue)
  • Sejong Province, Korea (Orange)
  • Vũng Tàu Province, South East Asia (Dark Teal)
  • Kawashiro Prefecture, Japan (Purple)
  • Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica, and the South Atlantic Islands Province, Argentina (Light Blue)
  • State of Novo Macaúbas, Brazil (Red)
  • State of Bharathi, India (Dark Red)

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