Antarctic colony


Antarctica was mainly uninhabited in most of the 21st century. In the 2020s settlers first set up the Antarctican Colony which was used to test living conditions in the far reaches of the Solar System. Humans began using advanced weather modification and ice melting systems to free up some of the continent. 


In the 2020s Antarctica was used as various research bases to study new aquatic life found in ice caves and deep trenches. This research later debunked the myth that Antarctica's ice sheet was completely solid! 


During this period various space-based research projects were set up on various colonies which would later become known as "research colonies." These research colonies later became "research cities." They were instrumental in creating the nation of Antarctica. 

2070 & Unofficial Formation:

In the year 2073 Antarctican scientists declared the country as theirs. They started the ice melting project approved by the GC and in three years the country became mostly ice free without affecting Earth's Oceans. It was one of the first successful terraformation projects and led the way for more weather modification technology for future use. 


After only four years Antarctica became a high tech city-country due to its vast landmass. In 2080 it was accepted with much enthusiam into the Global Community. The Environmentalists who were first against the ice-melting project became an integral part of the formation of the nation and Antarctica is considered the only official Green Country. 

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