Annie McPherson during her oath of inauguration in 2053

Annie McPherson was the fifty-second President of the United States of America. Born and raised in New York City, she studied political science at NYU, and obtained a degree from Harvard Law School in 2026. After ten years as a corporate lawyer, she became a State Senator in Upstate New York in 2036, and subsequently gained a seat in the House of Representatives in 2038. After serving as Governor of New York from 2042 to 2052, she ran for US president, and won the office.

She is well-known for introducing moderate economic reforms consistent with Rockefeller Party principles, establishing some wealth redistribution programs to alleviate the poverty caused by the Wave of Automation. However, her critics say that these reforms--including the 15,000 USD per year lump sum payment to every US citizen--were not enough to counter the country's economic inequalities, and that she should have followed through with the more expansive reforms suggested by her democratic predecessor Sean Wiley instead.

Nevertheless, many praise her for her military policies, including her refusal to intervene in West Africa against radical ecocentrists, much to the behest of Bruce Industries. In 2055, after Guinea was taken over by the Guinean Earth Front, she nevertheless reduced the nation's military size to save federal spending. She was succeeded by Donald King, whom many regard to be the worst president in US history.

Currently, she is still present in the public eye, and was highly involved during the build-up to Donald King's trial, pushing forward the view that King be executed for treason. Despite belonging to different political parties and occasionally holding contrary views, she worked well with Albert Norman when he was the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, and she still speaks to the president today.


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