Anime is a genre of animation that started in Japan and is gaining popularity in English speaking countries, particularly with young people.

CGI has revolutionised mainstream film production, yet photo-realistic films remain linear, with no user choice and participation. Meanwhile, faster computer graphics have greatly improved interactive computer games, however the 'story lines' of such games generally takes a very much secondary role to the game challenges.

Anime is likely to be the first commercially successful target for truly interactive stories, due to the greater simplicity of computer animation of cartoons over photo-realism and its suitability for erotic content. The stylisation allows for Super Stimulation and encourages suspension of disbelief where photo realism draws the viewers attention to the slightest defect in appearance / movement.

Progression in computer games Edit

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Progression in Film FX Edit

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Pre-Computer Age: 1995Edit


Computer Age: 2001Edit

Zkimiga 1 1024

High End Computer Age: 2004Edit

Each hair on head does not move independently.

Zk 04 800

Petaflops Computer Age: 2016+Edit


BlueGene Anime will be in high definition. Each hair on a character's head will move independently (photorealistic hair with individual strands is already used in shampoo commercials of circa 2007). Anime will be watched on hologram televisions.


A Pressure Suit suspended in a fluid chamber and Virtual reality contact lens combined with Orgasm drugs and Artificial Intelligence will make Anime interactive.

Copy of Video Standards-1-


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