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American empire

Flag of the American Empire

The American Empire is an empire and dictatorship with a government led by absolute monarchy and the successor of the United States of America. The American Empire was founded by Jasper Wood, or King Jasper of America, in the year 2045. He was the President of the United States of America but completely abolished Congress, the Senate, and all other type of government, and declared himself the King of America. The currency is the Imperial Dollar. The first few decades of the American Empire involved the annexation of many foreign states and nations, as well as the extermination of all peoples who were considered undesirable by King Jasper. These peoples included Jews, Muslims, Russians, Asians, Africans (but not African Americans) and disabled people. The people who were considered superior were white, atheist, and physically strong.



  • Jasper Woods becomes President of the USA


  • Jasper Woods and his followers found the American Empire
  • Jasper Woods becomes King Jasper of America, or Jasper, King of America


  • The Hawaiian relocation takes place in secret which every resident of Hawaii was either brought to the American mainland, taken hostage, or killed doing other the other two.
  • Most if not all buildings in Hawaii are demolished and flattened


  • Construction of the Hawaiian Concentration Camp begins


  • Construction of the Hawaiian Concentration Camp finishes
  • Many peoples who King Jasper considers undesirable are moved to the Hawaiian Concentration Camp, or HCC


  • The American Empire invade British Columbia, Canada and defeat all Canadian forces
  • The American Empire annexes British Columbia
  • British Columbia is split in two and renamed it North Columbia and South Columbia


  • The American Empire annexes Alberta, and split it between North and South Alberta


  • The American Empire annexes Saskatchewan, and splits it in two and renames it North and South Saskatchewan


American empire 1

The American Empire in 2062

  • Over 10 years, the rest of Canada has fallen to the American Empire


  • The American Empire annexes the Mexican states of Baja California, Baja California Sur, Sonora, Chihuahua and Coahuila


American empire 2

The American Empire in 2065

  • The American Empire annexes the rest of Mexico


American empire 3

The American Empire in 2067

  • The American Union annexes Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, the Bahamas, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, the Dominican Republic, and Bermuda