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American Conservative Party
Leader Reince Priebus
Founded 20 June 2017
Precedessor Republican Party
Headquarters 310 First Street SE

Washington, D.C. 20003

Youth Wing

Young Republicans Teen Age Republicans

Protest Wing  Tea Party
Membership 3 Million
Ideology Conservatism[2]

Economic liberalism[3] Fiscal conservatism[4] Social conservatism[5]

Political Position  Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe
European Affilation Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe
International affiliation Liberal International
Colours      Yellow/Green/Black
Seats in the House (2018-2020) 200/435 
Seats in the Senate (2018-2020) 47 / 104 
Govenorships (2018) 24 / 52 
States with Majority Upper Chamber (2018) 15 / 52 
States with Majority Lower Chamber (2018) 20 / 52 
*Politics of the United States 
  • Political Parties
  • Elections 

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