American Cold War
Part of WWIII, Civil War II
The Trump-Clinton Fued sparks the partition of New York, which sparks American Civil War II
Date 2024 - 2041 (17 years)
Location North America
Result Stalemate
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The American Cold War - also known as Civil War II in America - took place from 2024 to 2041, although some historians count the start of political upheaval 16 months after the election of Elizabeth Warren as the 47th President on November 3rd, 2020 as the beginning of hostilities. The Republic of Texas had been politically pushing for independence since 1996, with financial backing of the Russian Federation. Russia also funded secession movements in California, New York and New England, with the latter two movements primarily emerging from the ideologies of wealthy and elite power brokers such as Hillary Clinton and former-President Donald Trump.

After Texas secedes, independence movements are inspired in California, New England and the Middle Atlantic. The Presidency of Elizabeth Warren proves just as divisive, if not more so, than the Presidencies of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. President Cruz runs for reelection in the 2020 presidential election against Democratic Nominee Sen. Warren. When Warren defeats Cruz in his home state of Texas during the general election, Russia immediately seized the opportunity - with recently-elected New York City Mayor Hillary Clinton forging an alliance of convenience with Cruz, Trump and the Russians after Senator Warren claimed the 2016 presidential primary between herself and Senator Bernie Sanders was "rigged". The cogs of the Clinton Machine and Russia begin to turn shortly after the unrecognized split of Texas from the U.S. under former-President and Texas Governor-General George W. Bush, as independence movements pop up in California, New York and New England - claiming the mantle of the Warren-O'Malley 2020 slogan "Declare Independence" - after Warren's and O'Malley's statements of independence from Wall Street, which infuriate Democratic and Republican mega-donors alike.

After Trump and President Cruz form their alliance with establishment Democrats and all former Presidents (except Jimmy Carter) against President-elect Elizabeth Warren, the Texas delegates refuse to support Warren despite winning the state, resulting in furious unrest and street-fighting in Austin, Houston and San Antonio, resulting in the Texas National Guard and Military being called in led by former-President and emergency-military Governor-General Bush, who declares a literal State of Emergency and has the incumbent State Government arrested for allowing the impasse and threat to the continuity of government continue for as long as it had (90 days). Cruz concedes defeat to Elizabeth Warren - but the damage is done. Texas never sees itself the same way again, and a slow but steady lurch toward autonomy and, in time, full independence begins. Likewise, shortly after, President Cruz begins a nationwide campaign centered in Texas, New England and the Middle Atlantic (as well as his Canadian home country) and after backing by the Russians and Turks he also begins to campaign among California's Republican Party. Senator Harris is elected Governor of California in 2021, and soon after Republicans sweep the state legislature and effectively put Republicans in power at all levels except the Governorship, allowing Cruz to position himself as the leader of a nationwide independence and resistance movement.

Mayor Hillary Clinton unquestionably benefits, since the Republicans and Russians now had their sights on a Democrat that wasn't named Clinton - and Trump's brand was no longer an effective scapegoat after the popularity of Cruz with the right-wing and evangelical movement, not to mention the growing presence of secessionist fever propelling the former President was beginning to terrify her. This pushes her firmly into the Russian-Republican faction in the U.S., and her wealthy and connections in the Middle Atlantic-New England region would prove indispensable in turning the Northeast against the Progressive Sanders-Warren faction of the Democratic Party.

By 2024, the civil unrest and political violence in the Middle Atlantic and New England had eclipsed the chaos in Texas 26 months earlier threefold, resulting in the establishment of the Middle Atlantic and New England as new countries in the Northeast United States - with a population of nearly 50 million and 20 million respectively. Their proximity to New York City, and Hillary Clinton's sphere of economic and political power, serves to elevate the two new American countries to the status of regional powers. New England and Canada immediately integrate their economies, military and paramilitary forces, and the M.A. soon after leads the push to create a political union modeled after the European Union and USSR. The Federation of Union State Republics (F.U.S.R.), more commonly known as North America is established, spearheaded by Clinton New York City, which is recognized as a Great Power by 2024.

The secession of California influenced Mexican revolutionaries in the vein of the EZLN primarily in Zacatecas, Baja California and the Yucatan peninsula, essentially seen as an escalation of the Chiapas conflict. The unrest in Mexico spreads to the Caribbean and results in a Guatemalan-Californian joint-force to retake Mexico and defend Cuba from Texas. Mexico, Cuba and the rest of the Caribbean-Central American nations return the favor by signing the Articles of Allegiance, forming the United American Alliance of Nations (UAAN) more commonly referred to as the Allied Americas (A.A.).


Former senator, and Democratic Party Nominee, Barack Obama, becomes the first multiracial President of the United States. Obama’s primary opponent Hillary Rodham Clinton, wife of 42nd President Bill Clinton, is picked to be Secretary of State. Democrats gain a supermajority in the House and Senate, and even their fellow Socialist and Green Parties are present. On January 24th Obama signs the American Economic Recovery and Reinvestment Plan into law which costs more than $1 trillion. The plan includes huge tax increases on people making more than $250,000 per year and spends hundreds of billions on the military-industrial complex.

March, 2009 – Due to the acute extremity of the United States financial crisis, at this point being referred as the "Second Depression", the formerly known Euro Crisis is now being taken into heavy consideration yielding to the fact that the independent EU nations, due to the devastating impact the Second Great Depression has delivered unto the global economy, may no longer be able to stand on independent economies. The plummeting borrowing power caused by the dollar and currently causing the Euro Crisis gives birth to a lot of American resentment, blaming the US Government's "ruthlessly fascist imperialism" over the past decade as the cause of it all.

September, 2009 – China begins pressuring the US to pay back their loans to the PRC. NASA loses most of its funding, and only has a few billion dedicated to satellite maintenance.

December, 2009 – President Obama increases US troop presence in Afghanistan by 30,000. The Egyptian people peacefully overthrow the reign of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. Two years later, the first democratically-elected President of Egypt, Muhammed Morsi, is subsequently overthrown by a Military Junta.



The 2016 election boasts the resurgence of populism, seen in its best form in the policy of Senator Bernie Sanders.

February – After Libyan dictator 'King of Kings' Muammar Gaddafi takes questionable measures to repress the 'Arab Spring' in his country, the nation erupts in civil war, supported by NATO military intervention rebels, primarily Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah associates, launch counterattacks against the regime.

March 15 – Conflict begins in Syria between forces loyal to the Syrian Ba'ath Party Government and those seeking to oust it, with popular demonstrations that grew nationwide by April. Conspiracy theorists and realists alike suspect that it is possible Al-Assad was propped up by western influence to spark a middle-eastern anti-western force in the Middle-East, to justify further American intervention into the region.

July – Obama begins plans for a 'Domestic National Security' force to be headed by the Department of Homeland Security, increasing Government Surveillance Policy, and the extent of the PATRIOT Act.

September 17 – Angry American citizens march on Wall Street in a movement known as 'Occupy Wall Street', inspired by internet hack-tivist group 'Anonymous'.

October – Protests spread to over 70 other US cities by the 9th of the month, marking the greatest public demonstration since 1966. This is due mainly in part to the diminishing US foreign relations, the Depression, and American imperialism. People are fed-up with the US government running their lives, and are determined to deliver the power back into the hands of the people. Later in the month Libyan rebels overthrow Gaddafi’s regime, and establish the “National Transitional Council”.

Various Dates – The PRISM program under Bush sees widespread mass-surveillance and the dawning of a police state in embryonic form. This inadvertently results NSA Contractor Edward Snowden leaking files incriminating the US Government in mass-surveillance scandals involving the NSA's PRISM program. In the data leaked, foreign governments, mainly the EU, and mainly supposed 'allies' of the US government, were having their phone calls, their emails, and their personal privacy violated and spied on by the NSA.

Various Dates – Russian-backed separatists seize the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea and initiate breakaway illegitimate governments in the Ukrainian regions of Donetsk and Lugansk, resulting in a War in Donbass after Ukrainians peacefully overthrow the Russian-friendly government of Viktor Yanukovych. Several years later, UNA-UNSO - the Ukrainian ultranationalist faction that backed Russian President Boris Yeltsin against his predecessor's attempt to decentralize the Soviet government in 1991 (of which Putin was an ally and successor) - would escalate their crusade against the pro-Western government in Kiev backed by Hungary.

The Hungarian Premier would begin the irredentism push in late 2017, meddling in Ukrainian politics with regard to the language laws, and further meddling in Slovakia, Romania's Transylvania region, and elevating Zakarpattia separatists in 2018. These developments would snowball into full-fledged Hungarian expansionism years later, kickstarted by Viktor Orban and accelerated by his Transylvanian successor - Dragomir Radu.

Fall 2015 – Due to the fallout of the Syrian Civil War, record numbers of refugees flood into Europe from the Middle-East. Extremist anti-immigration parties climb the polls all across the continent, particularly in Eastern Europe, where the continent is hit hardest.

Spring 2016 – The US Presidential elections see big money maintain influence in American politics, which spark protests in dozens of cities, with the largest in Washington-DC. Presidential hopeful and champion of the 99%, Senator Bernie Sanders is routed by Wall Street candidate, former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton – the candidate of the war machine, who seeks to reclaim the Oval Office for her political dynasty, surround herself with an impenetrable fortress protecting her from her ‘enemies’ and continue her hawkish foreign policy – the opposite of what Sanders intends to do. Throughout the primary season the two frontrunners solidify their leads into the general election season.

Fall 2016 – Eventually, it comes to the attention of government transparency advocate Julian Assange – and his associates at WikiLeaks – that Clinton’s team is actively sabotaging the campaign of Sanders and infuriating millions of people – thus weakening the ability of the Democrats to stand against Trump. With help from an insider within the U.S. Intelligence Community, WikiLeaks attempts to expose Clinton before the DNC, but are too late. The leaks don’t drop until the general election, all but guaranteeing a Republican Presidency. During the primaries, the FBI concludes its investigation and surmises that Hillary Clinton violated no national security and declines to indict.


(Image: Hillary for America logo) Hillary Clinton, and her allies on Wall Street, steals contests in 6 states from Bernie Sanders.

The Republicans nominate billionaire businessman Donald Trump, who rapidly becomes a media sensation due to his off-the-cuff remarks about illegal immigrants, banning Muslim immigrants, building a Wall on the Mexican–American border, and initiating sweeping mass-surveillance, as well as his disturbingly cozy relationships with both of the Clintons, the mafia, dictators abroad (such as North Korean Premier Kim Jong-un) and his status as a Democrat not even a month before deciding to run for the GOP Nomination. The Republican nominee helps boost Hillary’s poll numbers. Trump had reportedly received a phone call from ex-President Bill Clinton a week before announcing his bid from the Presidency. On into the summer and beyond, Trump continues to (seemingly) purposefully sabotage his own campaign. His pro-Democrat donations come up. His donations to the Clinton Foundation come up. His ties to the mob. His ponzi schemes. His crookery. His scams. His lies. Trump receives a record amount of free media coverage, all the while – conveniently enough – the Clinton Scandals are for-the-most-part ignored or marginalized. But, what she isn’t helped by is her connection to the Iraqi and Libyan Invasions, and – most damning of all – her close friendship with former-President George W. Bush. Although she wins the primaries against Bernie Sanders, his Revolution invigorates a movement of informed and aware young people, and while they largely split down the middle between those heeding the calls of the sabotaged campaign of Bernie Sanders to rally around Hillary Clinton against Donald Trump, a great many reject the false narrative of the corporate Democratic-Republican Duopoly and side with the insurgency of third parties. Hillary Clinton and the Wall Street Democrats, one of whom Obama was considered by many of Sanders’s constituency, had silenced a generation desperate for change, desperate for a future free from poverty and war, desperate for a future with an accessible middle-class and college education. Nevertheless, Hillary Clinton’s corruption goes unnoticed and unrevealed until after the California primary – the largest and most decisive state contest. After the DNC, and Bernie’s official concession to Hillary Clinton, the fall and winter months of 2016 feature a general election between the two most hated Presidential candidates in American, and perhaps World, History. The leaked documents from the DNC indicting Hillary Clinton for corruption are stolen by Russian hackers – likely affiliated directly with then-President Vladimir V. Putin (as all U.S. Intelligence Agencies would inevitably confirm) almost immediately after WikiLeaks acquires them, guaranteeing the downfall of Sanders and the ascension of Donald Trump.

The arrogance and rampant lust for power of Wall Street and War Machine Candidate Hillary Clinton drives the Democratic Party into disarray, alienating and silencing the Progressive Wing of the party and elevating Trump. By forcing a flawed and heavily-disliked candidate down voters’ throats, and sabotaging the campaign of Progressive Bernie Sanders (who was shown in multiple polls to be beating Trump by landslide margins), the Democrats (and Russians) had effectively selected Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States.

2020 U.S. Presidential election


Maryland Gov. Martin J. O'Malley, viewed by many as a centre-left ‘establishment shill’, loses to populist firebrand Senator Elizabeth Warren in 2020 .

After Trump's removal from office on March 6th, 2019 - and the resignation of Mike Pence and his thereafter replacement with Ted R. Cruz just a week beforehand - the GOP Republican Party suffers crushing unpopularity. President Cruz pardons Trump, just as Trump had pardoned Pence, and - seeing opportunity - New York City Mayor Hillary Clinton decides to run for President in 2020 against Republican contenders Rand Paul, Neil Bush, several others, and President Ted Cruz. President Cruz and Bush essentially steal the election, and at the last second Cruz exposes Bush’s association with the Clinton Foundation, and Bush’s poll numbers plummet as Cruz goes on to win the remaining contests by landslide margins. Bush drops out before California’s primary. Meanwhile, Clinton changes her mind about running for President when Senator Elizabeth Warren announces her candidacy and goes on to win the Iowa and Super Tuesday contests against Clinton stand-in, Governor of Maryland Martin J. O'Malley, but O'Malley poses a greater threat to Warren than realized, after he wins the Texas and Virginia primaries by blow-out margins, yet Warren persists – embodying the movement that Senator Sanders galvanized among the millennial generation 4 years earlier when he challenged Hillary Clinton herself. Yet, now, not only was the Progressive wing of the Democratic Party united and organized, they had also grown due to the aforementioned demographic – the millennial one. Young people and progressives of voting age – particularly those that supported Sanders in 2016 – flock to Elizabeth Warren and reject O'Malley, delivering her the nomination. Coincidentally (or not), Hillary Clinton runs for Mayor Re-election in 2021 and, not only wins by a wide margin, but also successfully extends the Mayorship tenure to 3 terms, as well as acquiring greater autonomy for the City itself.

Despite Democrats trying to push Clinton, O'Malley or Cruz into the Presidency - Warren not only attracts disillusioned former-Democrats dissatisfied with the President, but splits the support of former-Republicans with the other Democratic candidate O'Malley – the moderate establishment candidate she defeats in the primaries. They support O'Malley – and Warren, in time – because they see Cruz and the GOP for what they really are: sellouts to metropolitan elites and corrupt politicians – having capitulated to the Democrats in the 2020 Congressional elections.

After the Republican capitulation in 2021 in all states holding gubernatorial and legislative elections to Democrats, President Cruz and Donald Trump declare the 2020 Republican primaries and 2021 local elections illegitimate, rigged and that he himself is the rightful President, and Cruz refuses to leave office. Trump – in an effort to “preserve the absolutely important law and order of the United States of America” – presses Cruz to initiate a section of George W. Bush’s Presidential Directive 51 through “executive order”, declaring a No-Fly Zone over Manhattan and Texas, and the Republican Party and the President initiate the most widely-sweeping accumulation of power in the history of the Office of the President. Seen as the underdog, the next revolutionary, and the ultimate challenger to the corporate oligarchy powered by the terrifyingly-One-Party Administration of President Cruz; Senator Elizabeth Warren and Governor O'Malley – between the two of them – attract the largest voting bloc in American History, surpassing that of even the world-renown campaigns of Sanders in 2016 and Obama in 2008, at a time in the country’s history where the government was becoming dangerously close to becoming a One-Party Dictatorship.

To further reinforce the voting bloc and bulwark against the Oligarchy in Washington, Elizabeth Warren, at first, nominates Sanders as her running-mate. At 79-years-old he is the oldest person to be nominated for Vice President, or any High Office for that matter. A month later, the elections are marred by the death of Sanders – godfather of the Progressive movement now led by Elizabeth Warren and Martin O'Malley (whom she selects after Sanders) – his death unites the movement in her and Sanders’ memory and as opposed to discouraging and putting the brakes on momentum – invigorates the campaign like none other before it. To add the final capstone on their Independence Front, Senator Warren and Governor O'Malley unite their ticket, and form a new political party and movement, unlike anything before seen in history, proceeding forth easily under record-high disapproval with the withering and horrifically-corrupt Presidency of Cruz.


Official Warren-Omalley 2020 sticker.

The Second American Civil War is declared – from 2022 to 2024 – with Texas (whose delegates refused to vote for Warren who won the state in the general) declaring independence from the United States and declaring Ted Cruz the rightful President-elect of the United States, and New York attempting to do the same but supporting the legitimacy of Clinton instead, claiming she was the rightful President on 8 November 2016. This eventually results in a heightened period of civil unrest in New England, Manhattan and the surrounding New York Metropolitan Area due to the high concentration of both pro-Trump and anti-Trump demographics. The Mayor of New York City – Hillary Clinton – spearheads a union of local government officials along with the Pentagon and the FBI to preserve the unity and economy of the region, even if it meant secession. Upon the horizon of the 2024 presidential election – fearing escalation and doom in a period of heightened emotions – American Civil War II quickly transforms into an American Cold War, with the battle lines drawn between the U.S. and the emerging separatist factions in Texas, New England and California.

New York and New England officially become independent supporting an unrecognized President and as they become the unrecognized states of New England and the Middle Atlantic (excluding the Virginias and Maryland), Canada is offered a chance to unite with the Northeastern US, with each province declaring their independence in support of the region's right to independence and to elect Hillary Clinton the President. All across the world, nations and their citizens rally in support of Clinton and the emerging North American superstate, which further exacerbates the unrest unfolding in New York City and surrounding populations centers (across New England and the Northeastern United States). NATO and UN peacekeepers supported by France, the United Kingdom, European Union, CIA, and other rogue elements of the U.S. Government rising up against the emerging North American rogue state, attempt to start a countermovement to the effort to erect the proposed Union between Canada and the American Northeast.

Warren assassination


The January Crisis: Senator Elizabeth Warren becomes the 46th President of the United States, First Woman President, and the Fifth assassinated President in U.S. History in 2024, shortly before the government is shut down.

On November 8th, 2024, Vice President Martin O'Malley and the administration’s supporters’ hopes and dreams are shattered when President Elizabeth A. Warren is assassinated. Although the wise leadership and steady hand of President Warren had kept the hounds of war at bay and maintained U.S. preeminence over the continent, in the blink of an eye, it was history. The government is shut down by an ad-hoc international criminal probe into the US government itself – after evidence emerges that Senator Bernard Sanders was assassinated as well. A radical sect of Jundallah al-Fatah based out of Central Asia and the neo-fascist Grey Wolves of Turkey both claim responsibility, but a DOJ investigation launched immediately finds that elements of Wall Street – perhaps even an individual within the administration itself – may have been cooperating with the terrorists. The DOJ reports to the ICC, and the White House and Congress fall under a joint ICC-Interpol investigation, wherein the conclusion is unanimous – within the Security Council – runner-up and former-President Ted Cruz, who chooses Don J. Trump (the eldest of the Trump children) as Vice President, would serve as Interim President until the situation is declared safe to allow the transition of power to resume normally. As Cruz steps up to become the Interim President, for at least for the few months it would take to allow the Federal Government to continue functioning in a normal manner, he immediately seizes absolute power.

Vice President Martin J. O'Malley inherits a movement of supporters who, having lost a President, and Bernie in 2016 to the superdelegates and Wall Street, were utterly defiant and infuriated at having Vice President O'Malley – whom they refuse to recognize as anything else other than President – receiving insult in addition to injury as they watch a coup unfold in Washington, and begin moves to erect an impenetrable resistance effort that would last for many years – and even decades – into the future. Having a face for the movement – which eventually grows beyond America to many nations, and becomes known as the Independence Front – one with the charisma, wisdom and leadership of a President, not to mention combined with a convincing argument that he is the rightful President of the United States of America (one of the best arguments and fact-based claims a politician could have in the realm of geopolitics, especially when your political opponent is the infamous Multimillionaire Theocrat Rafael Edward Cruz – who is now a contested President with one of the most radical domestic policies – if not the most radical domestic policy – in American History) helps cement the Independence Front and future-President Martin J. O'Malley into the chronicles of American and World History.

Preeminent, President and Chairman of the Allied Americas and the Republic of Texas is the new executive position that Cruz creates, essentially for himself. Under the guise of a “failsafe” – should the “New World Order” as he calls it attempt to ‘illegally’ wrest the power of the Presidency from his hands – Cruz invokes George W. Bush’s “Presidential Directive 51” and the PATRIOT Act to justify his unification of legislative and judicial powers with the Executive Branch and his assumption of direct command over the Armed Forces. To further ‘legitimize’ his cause, he even lays out the territory that would be controlled by his newly-empowered Presidency should the cause for it come into fruition – a ‘non-aligned state zone’ encompassing the territory of the Middle Atlantic established by NYC Mayor Clinton (who begrudgingly concedes due to her rivalry with the late President Warren); and in the event that civil unrest hit a breaking point, the entirety of this “Megaregion” could be ‘shut down’ by the Department of Homeland Security, NSA, NYPD and various other paramilitary organizations.

Trump and Clinton back Cruz for two diverging and different reasons, with Trump citing ‘absolutely important preservation of the Republic’ and the jurisdiction of the Texan-led Allied American state over all of Long Island and parts of Manhattan (including Trump Tower) as the precedent for such an action, and Clinton seeing opportunity to leverage the U.S. into funds and support for her North American project, which she intended to control before Trump did, not that he had a choice.

Central American War

North America would in time add Iceland and Greenland, Maryland and the District of Columbia and influence the secession of California and Texas, thereafter joining NATO in opposition to the Cruz-led secessionists. California would, under the careful direction of Prime Minister Kamala Harris, reunify with the secessionist territories of the Baja Californian peninsula - which would later inspire independence and autonomy movements in Yucatan, Campeche, Quintana Roo, Veracruz, New Leon, Coahuila, Tamaulipas and Zacatecas - effectively toppling Mexico. The response to the Mexican President's appeasement of President Cruz is disastrous, and results in Guatemala and California occupying large swathes of Northwestern and Southeastern Mexico. The government is overthrown and replaced with a Pro-Guatemalan military government, the current government in Guatemala City with Enrique Manuel Salazar as President, who Mayor Álvaro Arzú uses to control Mexican policy. After all secessionist states, except Baja California, are unrecognized and the secessionist movements are categorized as criminals and even terrorists in the case of the Zacatecas uprising. With Guatemala, California, and Mexico - supported by El Salvador, Nicaragua and Panama - signing the Articles of Allegiance, establishing the American Alliance (retrospectively referred to as the Allied Americas, or the "A.A."), these 11 countries would side with the US under Presidents O'Malley and Randall Howard Paul against Republican Texas, which they hold responsible for the near-destruction of the United Mexican States ten months earlier, when in fact it had been North America the entire time. Before O'Malley leaves office, he aids Arzú in becoming the new Guatemalan Premier.

The rise of the Allied Americas (encompassing California, Guatemala, Mexico, and all Central American states) and the political crisis involving the CIA, UK, UN and France immediately hurls the government into further chaos. The Capitol is closed to meetings, making it impossible for Washington to legislate. The U.S. suspends its NATO membership as President Cruz begins a nationwide crackdown on dissent and Muslim populations. Cruz’s withdrawal of the U.S. from NATO brings attention to his worryingly close relationship to businessman Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. There is also murmuring among governors, local and U.S. state government that the government of the North American state was cooperating with Trump and controlling Cruz and the Texan nation to ban the interim Middle Atlantic administration in Baltimore involving the UN, unshackle Wall Street from their surveillance, and balkanize the United States. All across Europe, war drills are ran in preparation for a potential U.S.–Turkish attack on NATO Europe – the Cruz-Erdogan alliance representing the most threatening adversary since Nazi Germany.

The unrest in D.C. and Maryland reverberates throughout the M.A., sending the most powerful constituent country of North America into a political crisis of its own. Maryland's Baltimore–Washington metropolitan area declares support of the United Nations and the United States, despite being claimed as the new capitol of the M.A. and the A.A. (similar to Berlin during the division of West and East Germany during the Cold War), and under the iron-fist autocratic rule of Cruz and New York City. Most of the physical opposition is undertaken by the Independence Front and armed backers of Constitutionalism, particularly the Michigan Militia Corps., Missouri Militia, Citizen Militia, the Idaho Light-Foot Militia, III% Movement, Oath-Keepers and the Patriot and Christian Patriot movements. Although, when it became evident that the U.S. was siding with the UN and NATO peacekeeping on US soil, a large number of the Oath Keepers and Patriots would side with Cruz, the A.A. and M.A. against the US Loyalists, resulting in massive infighting and a "civil war within a civil war", leading to practically-indiscernible fault lines of loyalty and faction at times as the region descended into chaos. The AZBR and Texas Militia backed by the A.A. at the time would frequently engage in border skirmishes, while the Pennsylvanian Military Reserve and the New York Light Foots also experienced periodic internal conflict and defections.

The growing threat from Turkey and the Allied Americas prompts a union in Westminster led by the Scottish delegation, with support from Ireland, to press Britain to relocate 30% of its Air Force, granting Scotland over 290 aircraft (85 planes and 131 helicopters) total. Scotland also gets a third of the UK’s Tanks (134), Armored Fighting Vehicles (1,962), SPG’s (29), Towed Artillery (45), Rocket Projectors (13), as well as 24 surface vessels including a Queen Elizabeth-class supercarrier and Battleship Strongbow (with another 6 advanced corvettes under-construction), north to British bases in Scotland at Military Bases Lossiemouth, Faslane and Clyde and the entirety of the British reserve forces are brought online, bringing the total number of active military forces in the United Kingdom to 240,050 soldiers – including Scottish forces based overseas in Canada who express solidarity in the mutual defense of Scotland from Turkish or Russian forces – and of that a total of 27,680 soldiers pledge allegiance to Scotland and Great Britain (along with a willing-and-able fit manpower of nearly a million), marking a revival in English Ultranationalism a decade after the Brexit referendum to leave the EU shook the foundations of the UK. The presence of a militarily-stable Scotland in possession of such a formidable military force – including the Scottish-run Vanguard-class submarines part of the Trident nuclear programme – elicits fear and paranoia amongst many elite circles in Westminster and the Greater London area at the thought of Scotland attempting to assert their independence from Britain by force – which at this point they were very-well able to do so.


President Elizabeth Warren contests the 2024 election a mere 48 hours before her assassination. Warren contests that Cruz-Trump stole the election by capitalizing on the death of Senator Bernie Sanders. Vice President Martin O'Malley is sworn in a year later when it becomes evident that the Cruz Administration is illegitimate, and Presidential Directive 51 is declared unconstitutional and illegal by international law.

Caribbean Crisis

Saber-rattling in the Caribbean between Texas and Cuba prompts a naval standoff in the Gulf of Mexico, in which the A.A. becomes directly involved against Texas. The U.S. - already stretched thin across the Atlantic and into the Middle East and Eastern Europe - is able to muster only scattered air strikes on the Island of Cozumel off the coast of Mexico, where Texan forces were establishing artillery and rocketry, likely in an attempt to utilize a nuclear weapon. The Caribbean Campaign involving the Attack on Cozumel and the Battle of Isla de la Juventud, soon sees the Caribbean countries taken advantage of in their state of shock, by imperialist forces in Guatemala, and their secret allies in Austin, Los Angeles and New York City.

The New American Century

Certain elements within the Department of Defense, lying just outside of the jurisdiction of the Joint Chiefs of Staff through cleverly navigated loopholes, go public with the DOD's answer to the North American-Texan infiltration of the U.S. Government via President Cruz: the Omega Response, and their paramilitary arm – Response Coalition Network – “RECON”. Initially an international intelligence, paramilitary and espionage organization founded in October of 1774, RECON stumbled upon a secret interlocking deep-state of invisible borders – existing between ultra-wealthy from the financial, military, and political sectors – that essentially implicated the three nations of the triangular power structure of the Cold War era (China, the USSR, and America) in an undeniable scandal in which all 3 participated in financial lobbying between these power brokers across the world (primarily in the West) overseen by the NSA and GRU. During the opening months of 1975, RECON narrowly saved the United States from being destroyed by Soviet nukes (thanks to the assistance of the British government). Between 1963 and 1975, RECON was a disavowed unit of the Pentagon after unearthing this conspiracy. However, after saving the US from extinction a dozen years after their disavowal, the Pentagon decided it was only proper to reestablish RECON a military and managerial heavyweight in the sector, with special powers that could challenge the Intelligence Community and/or the Joint Chiefs of Staff should they accumulate too many that made it impossible for the Legislative branch and Congress to adequately challenge them. The Pentagon and Congress are contacted by UN Human Rights and Operations Officers and a Europol team regarding their eyewitness accounts of a conspiracy being carried out – in conjunction with China – under NATO nations and the United States under Presidents Cruz and Trump, as well as the Joint-Chiefs (the latter of which was beginning to resemble a Junta), and that the upper echelons of the organization had been infiltrated by Interpol (which in turn had been infiltrated by the Russians and Chinese via Interpol since the 1960’s) in an attempt by China to break the EU and hijack NATO’s disillusionment with North American-U.S. President Cruz and utilize the Alliance against the UN.


The American Cold War, circa 2028 (beginning of WW3). The four major factions (the United States, North America, Allied Americas, and Texas) of the Northern American continent are depicted in both the Russian tricolor and dark red of Turkey - the two great powers that directly contributed to the unrest which would lead to the situation seen above. Also displayed are a few major events and the comparative population sizes of the American nations.

On October 11 the RECON Ambassador to the Capitol proposes that the US Government investigate NATO and the first ‘Nations of America’ summit, postulating that the NSA and – to a lesser-extent, the IC had infiltrated the bloc and were backed by the People’s Liberation Army, PLA militants within the Communist Party and the Nationalist Party of North America against the UN. The proposition goes through Parliament but is vetoed by the President. This sparks a petition in the US to petition the UN to intervene in the North American–U.S. Conflict, before NATO intervenes, which begins to split the armed forces down the middle, leading to many defecting to such paramilitary organizations like the NYPD, and DHS – both directly controlled by the NSA. This, however, aids RECON in their efforts to push out the current Cruz-loyal Joint-Chiefs, and eventually they succeed.

Realizing that they will have to work with the UN, RECON leads a diplomatic mission to the UN General Assembly concerning the complaints of UN officers in question to the Pentagon. Throughout the next several years, the UN Secretariat begins a counter-movement to the Chinese-led initiative to ‘ostensibly dominate’ smaller sovereign nations. This eventually leads to a crisis which results in the United States seat on the Council being contested, after the Pentagon, Congress, and a record-number of the American Populace protest President Cruz. Coincidentally – or not – North America is formally recognized as independent; Secretary-General Hillary Clinton the official Head of State of North America, with New York City becoming its Capital. Many people initially suspect the Independence Front to be behind this, but when Hillary Clinton declares herself ‘President of North America', the I.F. immediately realizes that their movement had been hijacked by the metropolitan elite and that Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Ted Cruz – along with many others – were working together in the interests of Texan oil barons and globalists to balkanize the United States and give the country its own version of 1989.

The IF contacts RECON, and the game begins.

As Cruz’s influence is more and more isolated, Cruz utilizes his power before his inevitable resignation or removal to officially cement the independence of the Republic of Texas in law, which causes a break between two semi-autonomous regions – Upstate New York and the Lower East Side-Long Island Commonwealth, with the rest of Manhattan rapidly splitting between Western and Eastern Manhattan, the latter siding with the NSA-led autonomous Long Islanders and Cruz Loyalist-Trump Tower Midtown East government-in-exile, and the former with the United Nations spearheaded by the CIA, Britain and France. Tensions further escalate when, nearly two years later, West Manhattan and the UN refuse to recognize Canada as part of “North America”, and a reapplication process is begun out of sheer defiance of Clinton to reintegrate them back into the United States of America. Clinton's authoritarianism, however, further emboldens the Long Islanders and Allied Americans, the latter of which fully annexes the former in the next few years.


After this, tensions reach such a point between the pro-UN U.S. Intelligence Community and the pro-NY Department of Homeland Security and NSA, that a large crackdown begins on members of the U.S.IC that harbored views or sympathies with the DHS, NSA and NYPD – leading to dozens of Agents within the CIA, FBI and Pentagon being apprehended or fired. Secretary Gen. Clinton publicly defends the DHS and NYPD, echoing her predecessor – NYC Mayor Bloomberg – in calling them her ‘own army’ – which, in total, was among the top ten largest armies on Earth – and that North America, despite its size (90 million to the 200-million-plus of its two neighboring rivals), should “not be underestimated”. The Department of Homeland Security declares allegiance to North America and opposition to the UN, and with nearly 100,000 paramilitary officers (excluding several hundred FEMA officers) and personnel backing the 50,000-strong NYPD – as well as U.S. Marshals, U.S. Coast Guard, and tens of thousands working for private military contractors – the North American Army began to seem a reality.

With New York City fractured between roughly three factions - the Texan-Allied Americas Long Island, Clinton's North America, and the UN demilitarized zone (including the UN-controlled Financial District in Lower Manhattan) - the Cruzs, Clintons, Trumps and UN had been successfully positioned, and through them, entire political entities, to the advantage of Wall Street Bankers and the apparatus through which they functioned: the military-industrial complex. The loyalty of the Pentagon to Allied American-Texan President Cruz unnerved and unsettled the U.S. Armed Forces, in particular the Marines and the Navy, who looked more and more toward U.S. President O'Malley and the Democratic Congress - encumbered by the political instability unfolding in D.C. along the North American-US border by Clinton's delusions of grandeur - for guidance.


(Manhattan, Statue of Liberty – United States of America c. 2025)

The English Role

2024 - 2026

November – After a transitional force of NATO peacekeepers begin to police New York City and the Baltimore–Washington metropolitan area in an effort to disrupt an alleged “rogue Pentagon” which they blame for the rise of President Cruz – the Pentagon and Defense Department are essentially labeled terrorist organizations, and the Department of Defense institutes a lockdown of regions constituting what was known handily by now as the Middle Atlantic – officially recognized as a rogue-state spearheaded by the Republican President Rafael Ted Cruz, Texan insurrectionists and Hillary Rodham Clinton (of which some the the peacekeepers are found to be on the payroll of via Texas Governor-Gen. George W. Bush) whose vice-chairwomanship of NATO by this time had come under scrutiny by European leaders, due to her connections with Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump. The basis for the NATO intervention into the United States comes under the pretence that Washington is working for Middle Atlantic special-interests on Wall Street, as opposed to the Will of the People. The evidence of this is incontrovertible, yet RECON comes into alarming information from GCHQ and MI6 that English and Hungarian-Turkish forces are seizing upon the NATO-led opportunity to launch plans for a multilateral invasion of both Scotland and the United States, and effectively topple the US and British governments. Although they are seen as corrupt by most of the world, the majority of the world decries the move as “an unnecessary use of force” that distracts from the fact that the dynasties in America (the Trumps, Clintons and Bushs), France (Le Pen and Sarkozy dynasties), the Turkish-Hungarian Bloc (Serif and Radu dynasties), England (Pharaoh and Windsor), China (Fang dynasty), and the House of Saud (Saudi Arabia) were behind the corruption and behind the infiltration of the U.S. and UK governments. Glasgow and the British Crown declare that they will not stand by and allow Russians and NATO to hijack the British military just because “a separatist British faction (England) says so,” and thus, ‘Great Britain’ is reformed incorporating the constituent countries of Ulster, Scotland and Wales. England – despite having its independence internationally rejected and unrecognized – refuses to accept constituent status and a COSECTOR military alliance consisting of English, Hungarian and Turkish units is erected to support England and combat Scottish influence – the latter of which ascends as the solitary bulwark against a full-scale invasion of the United States of America, increasingly seen by NATO as critical to unseating President Cruz and bringing the US back into NATO. The EU’s allegiance to the Alliance, and Scotland’s (at this point) reluctant alliance with the US, prompts an EU–Scottish split, and, despite the evidence pointing to special influence in the Europarliament. NATO declares the CIA the prime culprit of corruption in the US government, that British MI6 were enabling it, and enacts an active campaign against these organizations “indefinitely”; to stave off public condemnation whilst simultaneously coming to the aid of pro-British forces in their row with pro-English/Turk forces in Scotland. Furthermore, England becomes far more aggressive after the Scottish National Party is replaced by the pro-UK Democratic Union of Scotland Party, realizing their propaganda portraying Scotland as ‘extremist’ would no longer work. An attempted intervention by England into Glasgow, Scotland in an effort to repatriate military assets that they claim are English from what they call militants is underway as of November 5th, but civilian casualties and asymmetric warfare waged by English guerrillas and Turkish air strikes forces the campaign to a screeching halt three months later. Satisfied that they had demoralized the Scots with indiscriminate bombing of civilians, the Turks and English pull back, and begin preparation for terms of surrender.

Randall H. Paul presidency and World War III

On April the 18th, the détente standoff between NATO Europe and Pact forces comes to an end as Turkish–Hungarian mechanized units attack Greece. This date is marked by many historians as the first conflict of WWIII. With the joint-attack by Turkey, Hungary and Iran upon the Peloponnese, followed by an intervention into Poland, Austria and Italy and an emboldened England’s Hungarian-backed attack on Norway, the Netherlands and Sweden a few days later – the aforementioned regions would not cease hostilities until the end of the War, and would, in time, be occupied by either England, Turkey or Hungary for long periods of time. NATO units head them off in Innsbruck and Gdansk. Bombardment continues throughout the rest of the month and into May. In June Turkish, Hungarian and Persian forces commit a sizable attack thereafter. With a multilateral and intercontinental counterattack, NATO forces are knocked back riotously by Pact soldiers. Due to being associated with Medvedev, Texan involvement in the United States prompts NATO to break off any and all relations with the United States of America. NATO – at the highest levels of government – launch a last ditch attempt to distract away from their ties to Russia (via Bush, Clinton and Trump) and Cruz, by accusing the French of providing the bulk of the missile systems to the Turkish–Persian offensive, when in fact it was Washington. Infuriated, IF-led initiatives result in a “balkanizing” process of the US – which NATO's North America immediately seizes upon to manipulate into a ‘Putinist’ expansion and annexation of territory, in time fully annexing Greenland, Iceland and the Independent Republic of Alaska. With angry men and women in uniform marching on New York from New Jersey and on D.C. from Arlington VA in support of Eastern Manhattan, the UN and US; North American and Texan riot control respond in the way they would to an unruly protest demonstration or ‘riot’ – what they do not expect is a full-fledged military assault into New York City – the skirmish lasts 15 minutes and ends only as Texan Governor-General Bush threatens to nuke the Pentagon and Eastern Manhattan – specifically, UN headquarters. Beijing and Albany also threaten to detonate nuclear weapons over Quantico, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Nashville and Los Angeles out of opposition to the United States whom they accuse of being behind the merger of Canada and the Northeast (and vice versa) and the rise of the Texan rogue state under Bush – and with nearly a fifth of the population of the US at risk, President-elect Randall Howard Paul backs down at the behest of President Martin O'Malley, but not without voicing his concerns about a development that – coincidentally or otherwise – occurred on the same day that the Manhattan Crisis did so, the Turkish-Hungarian offensive.


President-elect Randall Howard Paul denounces the North American Government’s rhetoric – c.2028/2029 President Paul’s connections drawn between Turkey’s President Serif and the Manhattan Crisis are, at first, compared to the Trump-Putin conspiracy.

The Balkan Emergency was formally recognized worldwide by November Third after NATO fell back, delivering parting strikes on IF and Pact forces alike. The dispute is assessed diplomatically between RECON and Brussels at a meeting between the two sides. NATO Supreme Commander Timothy M. Ray accuses IF forces of ‘getting in the way’ and convoluting NATO’s campaign. Eventually ties warm after the IF and NATO (as well as the United States and North America) agrees to set aside differences and focus on their mutual foe: rogue jihadist radical extremists and the Pact – particularly Serifist Turkey. But the event in question that President Paul addresses does not have to do with the Balkan Emergency, it has to do with what else RECON found on their classified mission, which is soon echoed by Serif’s announcement of the return of the notoriously-fascist and grotesque Iron Guard. The Turkish Ultranationalists announce an exchange in government structure – into the hands of Serif – and a change of name, the Legion of the Archangel, and – even more terrifying - the establishment of the LA Iron Legion secret police force, which shortly thereafter transforms into an assassin army of covert death squads. The infamy of the unusual morbidity of the originally-Romanian Iron Guard – even for a fascist movement – was well-known throughout World War II. Even the Mussolini faction of Italian Fascists distanced themselves from this “death cult”. Nevertheless, nearly a century later, the repugnant organization had returned, proudly displaying its devoutly murderous ideology which, in conjunction with its radical theocratic Christian martyrdom and its sinister and militaristic application thereof, was compared to a “Taliban on Steroids”.

The legacy of Ibrahim V. Serif and the “Iron Legionnaire State” is one of unparalleled authoritarianism not seen since Putin, in fact – far more so. The Totalitarian suppression of dissent and freedom of speech – not to mention the presence of Iron Legionnaires, coupled with Serif’s militant expansionism – serves to put Serif in the same category as Adolf Hitler by the end of the decade. Although Hungary and Iran stand by their ally to the west, even Budapest and Tehran begin to distance themselves from the increasingly neo-fascist, hyper-nationalist foreign policy and ideology of Turkey’s totalitarian and xenophobic president, whom they even claim several times throughout the next decade that such desires would endanger not only all of Eastern Europe, but all of Europe and Asia as a whole.

Norfolk attacks

Shadow Heavy

Battle of Chicago

Manhattan Campaign

Invasion of New York City

Siege of San Francisco

Turkish-Hungarian Invasion

Zombic Crisis

Post-War America and Aftermath