American-Canadian War
Date 9 May 2016—23 August 2017
Location United States, Canada, Pacific Ocean
Result British and French Intervention. Currently in Stalemate. Both nations devastated.
Flag of the United States United States Flag of Canada Canada
Flag of the United States Barack Obama

Flag of the United States Donald Trump
Flag of the United States Raymond Odinero
Flag of the United States Walter Roman

Flag of Canada Justin Trudeau

Flag of Canada Jason Kenney
Flag of Canada Gen. Johnathan Vance
Flag of Canada David Gargo

120,000 Troops

230 Tanks
104 Aircraft

After 4th of August 2,600,000 Troops
4,200 Tanks
1,167 Aircraft

64,000 Troops

100 Tanks
40 Aircraft

After 4th of August 1,840,000 Troops 1,200 Tnaks 800 Aircraft

Casualties and losses
10,000 - 15,000 killed in action/died of wounds

137,000+ wounded

~ 147,000 - 152,000 total

10,000 - 20,000 killed in action/died of wounds, 23,000 died in prisons

282,000 wounded

~ 292,000 - 302,000 total

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