Everything was good in America until 2040. Our nation became even more powerful. We built up our military. we became the world's super power. Then without warning, our whole nation, then the world fell down after the disease called the Destroyer. The Destroyer caused you to destroy your town, your house and go crazy and loot towns and riot. This disease spread quickly and caused lots of chaos. It caused death after 12 days. The destroyer killed 98.5% of the world in less than a year. 1.5% were immune to the destroyer. With that fatality rate governmental destruction quickly followed. Those who looted were not always infected, sometimes they were just people taking advantage of governmental destruction. People researching a cure of the disease, usually became infected themselves even with bio security level 4, the highest bio security offered. With the government gone there was no one to pay for the research. With no one to pay, a potential cure that was found was not developed which could have saved lives. The scientists were so close to a cure. A few people worked on a cure, on their own initiative. usually because their family members died from the disease. The Destroyer usually killed the researchers. Their once was a time when there were 9.5 billion people in the world. 9,358,000,000 died worldwide. 142,000,000 survivors. In America a population of 400 million pre-plague. 394 million dead in America. 6 million alive. In China a pre-plague population of 1.5 billion, 1,478,000,000 died. their were 22 million survivors. However, most of the survivors succumbed to other disease ( yellow fever, a re-emergent smallpox and others. Seventy- five percent of the survivors succumbed to disease or starvation. 106,500,000 died from thr after effects. 35,500,000 people survived the disease and after effects. Their is still some towns that survived. Now a group of scientist are founding a town in the East Coast Wasteland, an area of complete destruction due to the Destroyer. The origin theory are numerous especially since science is almost completely destroyed. Some say it was a secret government bioweapon from Russia, China, or North korea. Others say it came from the middle east. Others say it came from east asia. Others say it came from the slums in some third world country. Others say it comes from the USA.