The MagLev, a highly developed train that reaches up to 1000mph. The MagLev, which connects Shanghai with Osaka in less than an hour, is an experimental train used majorly in far-east Asia and parts of Australia, Europe and South America.

Global UseEdit

The MagLev train is a train that has top speeds of 1000mph, the speed of an aeroplane. The MagLev can export people to far away places in minutes. By 2030 the MagLev train connect all major cities on the east coast of China to the Japanese cities that are 2 hours away by plane, within an hour. The MagLev has the highest punctuality of trains worldwide, with only 0.6% of trains being late and usually, that is only by about 6 seconds.


2016- China builds the East Coast MagLev. This connects far-north Beijing to far-south Hanoi, in around 3 hours.

2017- China builds the East-West MagLev going from Shanghai to Osaka, Japan and later, to Tokyo. Germany constructs Inter-European MagLev, connecting London to Athens in less time it would take to fly there. 

2018- China's China Air stops services to Japan as new East-West MagLev services are built, such as Beijing to Sapporo and Tianjin to Yokohama. Brazil builds a MagLev to Panama, through Venezuela.

2019- All Japan's trains become replaced with MagLev. 0.2% of trains do not arrive on time.

2020- China begins work on train to Canada. The underwater tunnel will connect China with America. Japan also unveils plans for a bridge from Japan to Hawaii.

2021- Japan's bridge scrapped.

2022- The EuroStar becomes unused as new IEML opens for business, stopping at Glasgow, London, Paris, Berne, Venice, Zagreb, Tirana, Athens, Kiev, Berlin, Copenhagen, Lisbon, Barcelona, Brussels, Amsterdam and Dublin.

2024- China invests new MagLev techniques that enable them to go at speeds of 1,000mph.

2025- Japan begins work on Eurasian MagLev, connecting Athens with Tokyo. This means that someone could travel from London to Tokyo with one stop at Athens.

2026- China's tunnel half completed.

2027- Japan's MagLev reaches top speed of 1023mph.