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The Alpine Confederation
Timeline: Earth's Remnants 3 (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Switzerland, Liechstenstein, Austria, Slovenia, Bohemia, city of Bratislava, part of Italy (North Italy), part of Germany (Southern and Central Germany), Western part of France, Luxembourg, small part of Belgium.
Flag of Alpine Confederation
Flag of Alpine Confederation
Capital Zürich
Largest city Vienna
Other cities Bern, Geneva, Munich, Milan, Prague, Turin, Lyon, Marseille, Bratislava, Venice
German (majority), French, Italian.
  others Czech, Slovenian, Slovak, Romansch, Luxembourgish.
Demonym Alps
Government Federal parliamentary republic
Area ±110,000 km²
Established 4 September 2116
Currency Alpine Franc (ALF)
Time Zone CET (UTC +1)
  summer CEST (UTC +2)
Internet TLD .ch, .ac