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A list of all alliances in Discord (Map Game). Bold = Player-controlled.

Pact of Steel

Dissolved in the Berlin Conference.

  • Flag of India India

United Nations Security Council

  • Flag of the German Empire Germany
  • 3rdfrenchempire France
  • 1232 United Korea
  • Flag of Alpine Confederation Alpine Confederation
  • Flag of GB Great Britain

Latin American coalition

  • Flag of Brazil Brazil
  • Flag of Argentina Argentina
  • Flag of Ecuador Ecuador
  • Flag of Paraguay Paraguay
  • Flag of Mexico Mexico
  • Flag of Columbia Colombia
  • Flag of Chile Chile
  • Flag of Venezuela Venezuela
  • Flag of Guyana Guyana
  • Flag of Suriname Suriname
  • Uruguay Uruguay
  • Flag of Guatemala.svg Guatemala
  • Flag of Honduras Honduras
  • Flag of Nicaragua Nicaragua
  • Flag of El Salvador El Salvador
  • Flag of Belize.svg Belize
  • Flag of Australia Australia

Atlantic-Pacific Cooperation Organization (Dissolved)

  • Flag of GB Great Britain
  • 1232 United Korea
  • Flag of the United States The United States of America
  • Flag of Brazil Brazil
  • Flag of Alpine Confederation Alpine Confederation (joined as an economic partner)

The Alliance of Peace

  • Flag of the Republic of China (1912-1928).svg The Republic of China
  • Flag of Romania Romania
  • Flag of New Zealand New Zealand
  • Brazil1 SPFA
  • Flag of Slovakia Slovakia
  • Flag of Ghana Ghana
  • Flag of Mamluk dynasty Libya-Tunisia
  • Flag of East Africa East Africa Federation
  • Flag of the United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
  • Flag of Italy Republic of Italy
  • Flag of Indonesia Indonesia
  • Flag of Namibia.svg Namibia

Union of The Iron Mace

  • USA Flag Discord United States
  • Franco-German Union Flag France-Germany & Puppets
  • KOREA-FLAG Korea & Puppets
  • Brazil1 SPFA
  • Flag of Greece Greece
  • Flag of Mozambique Mozambique