The United States of Earth is a union consisting of 69 provincial territories. It was founded on July 24th, 2153.


Concept and FoundingEdit

The USE concept was first introduced by Harold Carter of Ireland in 2037. It stated, "The world shall be made up of one global government, not one more, not one less. We will be united and shall have peace for all eternity. Amen." This text was drafted into the USE Constitution. Of course, there were more than one governments.

United Atlantic FederationEdit

The USE started off as the United Atlantic Federation (or UAF). The president, Adolf Glonkensleif of Austria, and many other citizens were pushing for a name change, but the USE Parliament would not allow it. Meanwhile, the Russian Empire was seeming to be preparing an invasion of the Turkish Province, and so, the Parliament declared war. The UAF won the war, and so was granted the Kamchatka Peninsula, a territory previously belonging to Russia.

Indo-European SocietyEdit

This was the second name for the USE. It was changed in 2159, right after Adolf Glonkensleif left office, much to his dismay. This name led to many Earthlings leaving the IES and going to the Hegemony in the south (the SAH). The Hegemon, Jekyll Andirohn, declared war on the IES because he thought the IES was sending spies to the SAH. The IES lost the war, and the SAH gained Panama, but however, the IES gained Chile and the Falkland Islands from the SAH, the first war where you gain something from losing. The new president, Hosni Uberfathen of Norway, decided to change the name to the United States of Earth, even though it was not the whole of Earth.