Allan Jones was a hero of The 2nd American Civil War and the Third American Revolution. He is currently living in his hometown with his wife, Jillian.


Allan Walker Jones was born on July 4th, 2002 in Albany, New York. At the age of 3 he learned to read and write, and at 5 skipped Kindergarten and went straight to 1st Grade. In 4th Grade he met Jillian Pewterschnidt, daughter of Lewis Pewterschnidt. He instantly developed a crush on her and in 7th Grade told her he loved her. They became boyfriend and girlfriend.

Allan also had many talents. He could speak Spanish, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, and Danish. He could break-dance, jump 6 feet, and swim 300 meters. He was a child prodigy, if you will. He had excellent strategy (which is why he won every chess game he played) and could draw very well.

2nd American Civil War

On December 12th, 2016, President Kasey Lidstrom asked Jones to join the US Military. Jones accepted, and was sent to West Point to join the military. He became a private in the US Army's 25th New York Regiment. On May 14th, 2017, Jones rose to Liuetennant and lead the 25th New York in an attack on Carson City, Nevada. On May 15th, Nevada fell to the US troops. Everyone, including Jones, celebrated victory. He went to Albany to visit his girlfriend, but she said she couldn't be with him anymore. Her father was Prime Minster of Great Lake and he was working for the US. He said we should tell him we broke up, but not break up. That was okay with her.

In 2021, Liuetennant Jones was chosen to go with President Zach Lidstrom to sign what would be called the Honolulu Peace Accords. He had to carry the President home because he had gotten so drunk from all the wine he drank.

After the war Jones attended the Third Kasey Lidstrom Day celebration. He made a speech to honor the great man. Jones also commanded a small force in the Antarctic War. Before the war, he married his girlfriend Jillian and moved to DC.

The American Empire

(Main article: A History of The American Empire)

Jones came up with the idea of the American Empire. Later, he took back the idea, and moved back to Albany. He later became Third Emperor and First President of The American Imperial Republic. He was also a leading figure in the Third American Revolution, which lead for him to become the First President of New America.

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