Farming has allowed humans to reach beyond cave and into cities creating concrete jungles in the sky. As more and more people move into cities demand for water is skyrocketing. Countries like China and India are globalizing. Without strict water sanitation programs that conserve water or stop pollution. Today this is not a problem but because of Global Warming fresh water is dispersing with mountain top glaciers. Purposed solutions in the past were hydroponics but they took up the same area as regular farms. Farmland in China and India is being gobbled up by land developers. There is no room for farms. Good farm land is being destroyed. An alternate solution would be Skyscraper Farm.

By the year 2105, 95% of the world's population will live in towns and cities of at least 20000 people; only farmers will live in rural areas. Even then, farmers will have robots to do their chores - maintenance of the robots is done by the farmer. Farm jobs become hereditary; you don't become a farmer unless you're the descendant of a farmer.

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