This is the portal page for Aftermath, a scenario created by XtranormalGeek.

Earth big

August 19, 2067. A date that no one will forget. A date where the human race was nearly annihilated by war.

The grip of World War III had tightened around mankind as the world's most powerful nations were in a quarrel that brought death to many. Roughly 600 million people were killed during the war, and another 700 million were eradicated by nuclear missiles-- all launched within a ten-minute timespan. The scorching fire of the nuclear missiles left most of the world irradiated, lifeless, uninhabitable...or all three. According to various mathematicians, only 20 billion lives were spared, and because of those lives...humanity was allowed a second chance. Most of the survivors rebuilt, but other survivors forged their own paths and became rebels of society. While World War III was considered a draw by many, some claim that the war still exists, and that skirmishes are still being fought throughout the world.

This timeline is live and continues to unfold today. If you want to contribute to the timeline, please sign your name in the Contributors page.


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