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After the US left Afghanistan in 2014, the Taliban retook power. Sanctions were immediately declared by several countries, including the US, Russia, and Pakistan. However, the US did not invade, due to Obama's ineptitude for Rentering.

The Taliban soon gave Amstery for Opium traders, financing terrorists, and supproting Anti-Western,Anti-Isreal and Anti-Russia Groups. After they bombed the Kremlin and Volograud in 2017, Russian troops invaded, starting the Second Afghanistan War. In less than six weeks, Russia had won and sent all of the Taliban who Survived to Siberian Prisons were they faced -10 Highs,5 Hours of Sunlight and Canser from Mineing Urauium. The new Afghani government was technically a democracy, but in reality was a political apendage of Russia with a All Powerful Priesdent and a limted Parailment which was domiated by The United National Industral Party or the لورنتسو in Perisan*.

This was what Russia had been waiting for since the fall of the USSR so after the war Russia has one of the Biggest Booms ever and thoguht for the first ever of seroslity reunited It with it other Commonwealth of Independent States  and Even Slavic Brothers and Sisters.

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