Ever since the dawn of the twentieth century and before, humanity has dreamed of traveling to any place in the enitre world instantaneously by way of teleportation. Imagine teleportation machines as the prime predecessor of transportation. The technology could one day in the moderate future replace planes, trains, boats, and even cars. Though these vehicles may still be around for recreational purposes only, they will have no root in actual needed transportation.

What is Teleportation

Teleportation involves the transportation of matter and mass, and by extension, energy, from one point to another anywhere else in the world. For it to be known as teleportation, this process must happen more or less instantaneously. The obvious success for the idea of teleportation is rooted within ultramoderism and because of this is a popular and widely-used staple of science fiction.

Current Technology

Transportation technology is progressing at a much slower pace than some of the other sciences such as information technology, biotech, and nanotechnology. As an example, the world’s human speed record was set in 1969, a full 37 years ago, when Thomas Stafford, John Young, and Gene Cernan flew in Apollo 10 at 24,790 mph. While there is much talk about flying at a speed that approaches the speed of light, very little effort is actually being expended in this area.

However, transportation technology is about to move ahead more rapidly in the coming years with the advent of two radically new technologies – frictionless vehicles and binary power.


Teleportation as it is known and loved in science fiction the world over will take decades to achieve, perhaps even centuries. Keep in mind that even transfering the information of a single atom is still in itself a complicated task. But with current scientific and technological trends, full-scale teleportation of humans in recreation and commerce will most likely not be possible for thousands of years if ever.

Uses of Teleportation

Obviously, the most common use of teleportation is tremendously convenient transportation of anything from information to humans to cars, all of which can be tied into both recreation and commercial applications. No longer will countries rely on ships and aircraft to transport products expensively; they will simply teleport their products overseas in the blink-of-an-eye.

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