McDonald's is currently the largest chain of restaurants in the entire world, serving nearly fifty million customers daily. The fast-food corporation primarily sells hamburgers, cheeseburgers, French fries, and a variety of soft drinks. In spite of recent complaints regarding the levels of trans fats in all fast-food and food in general, McDonald's has begun selling premium zero trans fat products along with healthier salads and even fruit.

The Future of McDonald's

McDonald's: 2020

Since the concern of obesity has risen over the past three decades, McDonald's decides to neatly clean up some of their more "filling" foods. They now sell low-calorie meals with zero-calorie soft drinks. They additionally sell a massive variety of fruits from strawberries to passionfruit. These fruits contain little to no added sugars or fats of any kind. Yes this is true, some say

McDonald's: 2040

Now that the nation has conveniently illegalized all fattening food products, McDonald's has been restricting their menu of items to a select few products. The menu contains just a few of the original food items (prepared with zero calorie intake and zero trans fat based) with many fruits and healthy salad meals. Instead of the usual crowd of customers an early twenty-first century McDonald's would receive, a McDonald's restaurant in the year 2040 would obtain slightly higher-class individuals seeing as how the fast-food chain has been transformed into a middle-class eatery.

McDonald's: 2060

Ever since it was founded, the McDonald's Coporation has never been so publicized about its healthy reputation. Selling much of its original products (yet more fine-dining worthy) and they are being prepared with absolutely no traces of added sugars or fats. The calorie-count has lowered further to try and bring the United States back into a state of wellbeing and healthiness.

McDonalds' Competition

In the future and the ever changing world humanity calls home, McDonald's will not dominate and monopolize on the food industry. The coporation will have ever increasing compitition from old-time competitors such as Taco Bell, Burger King, Wendy's , Carl's Jr., In-N-Out Burger, and many more such franchises. Even multicultural food networks such as Dixy Chicken of Pakistan and Sakae Sushi of China. Additionally, along with McDonald's, these food chains will manipulate their culinary styles to serve supremely healthy food at moderate prices. Some will even go as far as becoming fine-quality dining in which a future family will necessitate a reservation (and perhaps some elegant clothes) to eat there.

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