Present Longevity

Currently, a global average (discluding third-world nations) places longevity at around eighty years for females and seventy-five years for males. Longevity has increased significantly from 1950, where it was put at an average of sixty-eighty years of age. Obviosuly, longevity and life expenctancy differ from country to country. Third-world nations undoubtedly retain a much lower life expectancy (around forty years) due to disease and lack of proper health care.

Life Expectancy In 2025

In a mere fifteen years, longevity is expected to reach an incredible eighty-seven years. Humanity can achieve this through advanced medicinal technology that will arise within this next deacde and a half, including involvement with nanoscale vaccines that kill cancer and other life-threatening conditions.

Life Expectancy In 2050

Throughout the next forty years, medical advances will increase exponentially and include the use of artificially grown hearts, lungs, kidneys, livers, and sensory organs to cure the blind, deaf, and mute. These technological abilities will lead to the average life expectancy of 102 years.

Life Expectency In 2100

Not much long after the year 2100, nearly ninety years from today, humans will become immortal or at least semi-immortal. Medical technology will grant the wishes of nearly every person on Earth. They will give the paralyzed the ability to walk again, the blind to see, the deaf to hear, the mute to talk, etc. Cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer's will be fully controllable diseases that have death rates of the current influenza. The flu virus will be nearly one hundred percent gone and have an exceedingly low death rate. Because of all these, longevity is expected to reach as unprecidented 189 years of age.

Flora Longevity

The Bristlecone Pine has the capability of being the oldest living organism in existence. The oldest, named Methuselah, is approaching an astounding 4850 years of age. It is believed that these trees can live for up to five thousand years old. That would make the germination for these trees put back to around 2500 BC.

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