The following laws are just a minute fraction of legislative mandates that will arise within the United States congress during the next fifty to seventy-five years years during the first half of the twenty-first century and the hypothetical dates that they will be passed by congress.

  • Any person caught with or under the influence of any opiate drug will be immediately detained for a life sentence of twenty-five years — 2013
  • All forms of cannabis are legalized except for the injectable and snortable hash syrup and hash powder — 2014
  • Driving while under the influence of any cannabis, though legal, is prohibited — 2015
  • Same-sex marriage is permanently legalized — 2015
  • Teenage driving laws:
    • Teenagers over the age of fourteen and a half can receive their permit — 2016
    • Teenagers over the age of fifteen can receive their license — 2016
  • It becomes illegal to deforestate more than twenty-five acres of any rainforest per day — 2018
  • Tobacco products must be sold at above eight dollars per pack of cigarettes — 2019
  • Selling rights of the moon are completely illegalized — 2020
  • All analog television becomes illegal — 2021
  • Legal drinking age becomes the age of twenty-four — 2021
  • Prostitution becomes illegal in all parts of the world — 2023
  • Tobacco becomes completely illegal — 2026
  • Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD) becomes re-legalized due to the fact that it is physically harmless and generally harmless to mentality — 2027
  • Megnetically levitating trains are the only variety of high speed trains allowed for production — 2028
  • Rail lines must be built as magnetic levitation rails — 2028
  • Alcohol becomes illegal to sell anywhere but bars — 2029
  • All food products containing calories and trans fats are illegal — 2030
  • United States construction height limit is increased to three thousand feet — 2034
  • Production and use of fossil fuels is illegalized — 2035
  • All vehicles operated for transportation purposes must be equipped with automated driving capabilities — 2036
  • Alcoholic beverages become illegal — 2038
  • The use of civilianized nanosuits becomes illegal — 2042
  • Terms of patents increase from twenty years to fifty years — 2046
  • All civilian clothes must be fabricated with microscopic health monitors that relay information to the nearest hospital in personal emergencies — 2047
  • Sexual intercourse between a human and a robot is legalized —2050
  • United States construction height limit lifted — 2051
  • Not attending some form of collegiate environment is illegal — 2053
  • Constituent of an immediate death sentence is any possession of nocturnotine — 2063
  • Marriage between a human and a robot is legalized — 2065
  • Possession of antimatter by a civilian in any form is completely illegal and constitutes the death sentence — 2073
  • World Union of Extraterrestrial Property Rights (WUEPR), a coperation controlled by members of all space-faring nations, will be the only management to have complete control of lunar property sales — 2076

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