This map game is now archived as an Inactive Map Game.

This is a map game that begins in 2050.A lot has changed since 2016.


  • South Korea has conquered North Korea and Japan minus Tokyo's island,the Miyako Islands, and Sakhalin.
  • Japan's remnants split into the Tokyo Empire (Sakhalin and Tokyo's island) and the Republic of Miyako (Miyako Islands).
  • Tibet and Manchuria gained independence from China.
  • Israel conquers Palestine,Jordan, and the Sinai peninsula.
  • Italy splits into Sardinia-Piedmont,the Papal States,Sicily,Apulia-Calabria,Naples,Capua,Florence-Pisa,Venice, and Lombardy.
  • Savoy secedes from France and officially declares itself part of the Italian Remnant Countries.
  • The USA conquers Canada and forms the USNA (United States of North America) which gains North Mexico in the Treaty of Sonora.
  • Mexico conquers all of Central America and forms Central America but loses Yucatan to rebels.
  • Germany splits into Prussia,Saxony,Bavaria,Baden-Wuttenburg,and Hanover.Rhineland joins EU.
  • Kurdistan declares independence from Iraq.
  • ISIS takes control of southwestern Iraq and eastern Syria.
  • The Principality of Sealand officially becomes the smallest country in the world.
  • Most EU member states become one single nation. Others leave the EU.
  • Al Qaeda gets control over most of Afghanistan. It becomes the Terrorist Republic.
  • The Afghan remnants split into Bactria and Kabulistan.
  • Syria splits into Damascus,the North Syrian Kingdom, and Syria.
  • Iraq's remnants become Basra.
  • The moon has been colonized by the USNA, the major superpower in this time.Parts are Scandinavian,European,Prussian,Siberian,Kurdish,Central American, and Israeli,however.
  • Most countries except the newly independent ones have a space program and they all have someone who has been to space.
  • Most countries also have nukes.
  • Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland,Estonia, and Denmark unite as Scandinavia. Greenland doesn't like this and they secede from Denmark.
  • Oceania is united under Australia which makes Australia the Oceanic Republic.
  • Southeast Asia is divided into three factions:Burma(Myanmar and Thailand),Vietnam (Singapore,Vietnam,and Mainland Malaysia), and Khmer(everything else).
  • Texas and Oklahoma become the Texas Republic.
  • Louisiana,Arkansas,and Missouri unite into the Louisiana Republic
  • Cascadia gains independence.
  • The Republic of Fire gains Patagonia and the Falklands.
  • Amazonia gains independence.
  • The Guyanas unite as Guyana.
  • Columbia and Venezuela unite into Gran Columbia.
  • Peru and Bolivia become Peru.
  • Chile joins the Republic of Fire.
  • Africa become the African Union.
  • The Congos and Gabon become Congo
  • South Africa annexes Namibia,Swaziland,and Lesotho.
  • Egypt,Sudan,and South Sudan become the Egyptian Empire.
  • Austria-Hungary is restored.
  • The Yugoslav countries reunite except for Croatia and Bosnia which become the Croat Empire.
  • Russia becomes communist and restores the Soviet Union which now consists of Russia,Belarus,Mongolia,Latvia,and Lithuania.
  • The Soviets annex Uzbeckistan and Kazakhstan.
  • Iran and Kyrzgzstan unite into Persia.
  • The Ottoman Empire is formed from Turkey,Syria,Kuwait,and Qatar.
  • Saudi Arabia annexes the UAE,Oman,and Yemen to become the Saudi Caliphate.
  • Bangladesh,Nepal,and Pakistan are annexed to India.
  • Wales is annexed to Ireland as are Northern Ireland and Cornwall.
  • Scotland and the Remainder of England minus London and surrounding area become the Scottish Empire.(Queen Elizabeth died in 2035 and a Scottish king launched a coup).
  • Transcaucasia is formed from Azerbaijan,Armenia,Georgia,and Persian Azerbaijan.
  • Philippines, Indonesia, Brunei and Malaysia (Borneo) joined forces to become Indonesia-Philippines. Southeast Asia is divided into 4.


  • Game Creator: Epic
  • Head Mod: Derpmaster21
  • Map Mod: NewHorizons123



  • Prussia-Epic
  • Indochinese Union: User:Derpmaster21
  • Oceania: User:NewHorizons123-How could I resist?
  • Ottoman Empire: Glassking (talk) 20:16, April 25, 2016 (UTC)
  • Africa:
  • Makurra:
  • Christian Egypt:
  • Cairo:
  • Saudi Caliphate:
  • Korea:
  • Tokyo:
  • Miyako:
  • Tibet:
  • Manchuria:
  • Persia:
  • Yugoslavia:
  • Croat Empire:
  • Austria-Hungary:
  • Principality of Sealand:
  • United States of North America:
  • Kurdistan:
  • Basra:
  • Congo:
  • South Africa:
  • India:
  • Indonesia-Philippines
  • Israel:
  • Republic of Fire:
  • Amazonia:
  • Brazil:
  • Peru:
  • Gran Columbia:
  • Argentina:
  • Irish Empire:
  • Scottish Empire:
  • London:
  • Soviet Union:
  • Transcaucasia:
  • Europe:
  • Sicily:
  • Sardinia-Piedmont:
  • Baden-Wuttenburg:
  • Burma:
  • Transcaucasia:
  • Central America:
  • Scandinavia:

Fallen/Conquered/Merged Nations

  • Egyptian Empire:Partitioned between the African Union,Makurra,and the Christian Federation of Egypt.Remnants become Cairoite Empire.
  • Vietnam:Annexed to Khmer.
  • Yucatan:Became Mayan Empire
  • TSA:Reannexed by Oceania.
  • Burma: Merged into the Indochinese Union
  • Khmer: Merged into the Indochinese Union
  • Terrorist Republic:Fell into anarchy and became the Terrorist Confederation.
  • Cairoite Empire:Overthrown by the Cairoite Republic.
  • Pakistan:Merged into the Eastern Caliphate.
  • Kabulistan:Merged into the Eastern Caliphate.
  • Iran:Merged into the Central Caliphate.
  • Bactria:Merged into the Central Caliphate.
  • Kurdistan:Merged into the Central Caliphate.
  • ISIS:Merged into the Western Caliphate.
  • Saudi Caliphate:Became Western Caliphate.
  • Communist Alaska: Annxed by the Neo-Soviet Union and the Indochinese Union.

International Organizations

The Developed Powers

  • Indochinese Union
  • Prussia
  • The Neo-Soviet Union
  • The USNA
  • Federation of Remnant Japanese States
  • Tibet

The Communist Pact

  • The Oceanic Republic
  • The Soviet Union
  • The USNA
  • China(Publicly)
  • Federation of Remnant Japanese States

The Shanghai Alliance

  • China(Secretly,Secret Leader)
  • The Eastern Caliphate
  • The Western Caliphate
  • The Central Caliphate
  • Korea
  • Manchuria

The Interstellar Alliance

  • Prussia
  • Indochinese Union
  • Egon Aliens

The Game


  • Mod Event:The Lunar Colonies begin a revolution.
  • Game starts NOW!
  • Mod Event:The Egyptian Empire is defeated by a coalition of nations called the African Coalition.The remnants become the Cairoite Empire which controls Central-Western Egypt,the rest of Egypt is the new nation of The Christian Federation of Egypt,Western Sudan and South Sudan go to the African Union and Eastern Sudan becomes Makurra.
  • Mod Event:The USNA government is overthrown by freedom protesters the government flees to Hawaii and declares the True States of America(Hawaii is Oceanic territory,player reaction needed) new USNA government buys West-Central Mexico from Central America and Yucatan conquers all of South Mexico.A New Mexican Empire is declared in Central American(East-Central) Mexico.
  • Khmer: We are currently increasing our defence expenditues by 50% and recruiting 1 million troops to invade Vietnam. We ask for Prussia, Oceania and the Ottoman's help (Prussia, Oceanic Republic and Ottoman Empire response needed).
  • Prussia:We send aid to Khmer.
  • Khmer: We ask for an alliance with Prussia.(Prussia response needed) We are saddened to hear that King Norodom Sihamony Jr. has died by a terrorist attack. We will find the terrorists and execute them. We would like to invite the Prussian and Oceanic presidents to King Norodom Sihamony III's coronation.
  • Flag of OceaniaOceanic Republic:We shall attend, reluctantly, as the people want us to. The people call for communisim, so they will get communisim. We ask for an alliance with the Glorious Soviet Union, our comrade in Communisim. [Mod Response Required]
  • Mod Response:The USSR accepts an alliance with Oceania.
  • Prussia:We convert to a new government system called commo-democracy.We agree to the alliance with Khmer and will attend the ceremony.We request alliances with Khmer,Oceania,and the Soviet Union.We warn Oceania that capitalist aristocratic punks have annexed Hawaii and they should reclaim their territory.
  • Mod Event:Yucatan declares itself the Mayan Empire.Khmer annexes Vietnam.The USNA invades the Mexican Empire.The Lunar Colonies take the far side of the USNA's portion of the moon and the Israeli Moon,Prussia sells their portion of the moon to the Lunar Rebels.
  • Khmer: We have found the terrorists, they are funded by the Terrorist Republic. We declare war on the Terrorist Republic. King Norodom Sihamony III has abolished the constitutional monarchy, as the prime ministers were a disaster and instead installs an absolute monarchy. He promises to restore Khmer to its former prosperity. We finish converting to renewable power sources and start making more jobs and schools.
  • MOD EVENT: 2 alliances were created, the Developed Powers (Khmer and Prussia) and the Communist Pact (Oceania and the USSR).
  • Flag of OceaniaOceanic Republic: We easily reconquer Hawaii, and invade The USNA, with our glorious ally, The Soviet Union
  • Mod Event:The USNA makes peace with the USSR and Oceania by ceding them Alaska.This becomes Communist Alaska.Egypt invades Cairo and makes early gains.
  • Prussia:We upgrade our military.We request an alliance with Oceania and make one with the USSR(Oceania Response needed).We become a communist country through a coup but elements of monarchy remain.


2 Alliances are formed, the Developed Powers and the Communist Pact. Will this cause WWIII?

  • Mod Event:Cairo becomes limited to just the city of Cairo.The USNA has lost most of their part of the moon and Central American + Kurdish parts of the moon to the Lunar Rebels.
  • Khmer: We start plans to build the Indochina Tower, which will be 500 meters tall, the new tallest building in Southeast Asia. We change our name to Indochina and we ask Burma if they want to unite with us as they are suffering a civil war ever since their independence. 3 trucks filled with explosives are detonated in 3 different places, namely the Silver Pagoda, where our king lives, Downtown Ho Chi Minh and the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore Province. A total of 572 people died and 3,778 people were injured. King Norodom Sihamony III is in the hospital, having lost his leg. Due to this, we nuke Kandahar, the capital of the Terrorist Republic, 450,000 people die.
  • MOD EVENT: Burma agrees to unite with Khmer, and the Indochinese Union is established. Kabulistan and Bactria also declare war on the Terrorist Republic and they join the Developed Powers. The Soviet Union also joins the Developed Powers, becoming the only country to span both alliances.
  • MOD EVENT:The Terrorist Republic collapses and its remaining territory plus newly annexed Hong Kong,Okinawa,and Jeju Island becomes the Terrorist Confederation.Cairoite protesters overthrow the empire and found the Cairoite Republic.The USNA freedom protesters establish a communist government and join both the Developed Powers and the Communist Pact.
  • Flag of OceaniaOceanic Republic: We ask China to join the Communist Pact, we also change our name to The Oceanic Soviet Socialist Republic or The OSSR for short. [Mod Response Required]
  • MOD EVENT:China joins the communist pact but Taiwan conquers Fujian and and the Chinese islands of the South China Sea and becomes the Republic of Fujian with its capital still in New Taipei.But China betrays the Communist Pact and forms the Shanghai Alliance with India,The Eastern Caliphate (Pakistan and Kabulistan),The Central Caliphate (Iran,Bactria,and Kurdistan),The Western Caliphate (Saudi Caliphate and ISIS),and Communist Alaska.The Lunar Colonies take the entire moon besides the Central American and Siberian parts of the moon.Fujian falls to China except Taiwan which re-makes it the Republic of China on Tawain.
  • MOD EVENT: The Shanghai Alliance declares war on the Developed Powers.Welcome to WWIII!
  • Indochinese Union: We declare war on Communist Alaska for declaring war on us and send 2 million troops to Alaska. They will land somewhere in the Aleutian Islands, then push east to Anchorage.
  • MOD EVENT:The Neo-Soviet Union aids the Indochinese Union and attacks Communist Alaska. They take the Bering Strait and push towards Juneau.Saxony and Hanover merge into the Saxon Communist Confederation which joins the Shanghai Alliance
  • Prussia:We upgrade our military.We attack Communist Saxony.We begin to see some aliens in the Oort Cloud.


World War 3 has begun. Who will win, the Developed Powers and the Communist Pact or the Shanghai Alliance?

  • MOD EVENT: Communist Alaska falls to the Indochinese Union and the Neo-Soviet Union. The Neo-Soviet Union gets the eastern part of Alaska and the Indochinese Union gets Western Alaska, with Anchorage as the dividing line. Communist Saxony now assumes public leadership of the Shanghai Alliance, while China is still its secret leader. Korea and Manchuria join the Shanghai Pact, causing Tokyo and Tibet to join the Developed Powers and Miyako, being communist, joins the Communist Pact.
  • Indochinese Union: We are overjoyed by the good start (to us) to WW3 and by Tokyo and Tibet's joining of the Developed Powers. We will send our troops to Communist Saxony to help Prussia take back their land. We also see aliens in the Oort Cloud, they are called the Egons, they turn out to be friendly and give us and Prussia 5 supernukes and the supernuke recipe. Unfortunately, the supernuke recipe does include things we have never heard of with no explanation, so we have to make do with this. We and the aliens form the Interstellar Alliance, as their home planet is in the Alpha Centauri system.
  • MOD EVENT: Tokyo and Miyako unite to become the Federation of Remnant Japanese States, or the FRJS for short. They convert to commo-democracy because the two merged nations want their fair share of the government. The FRJS and Tibet declares war on Korea. Sealand begins reclaiming land from the sea. It is expected to grow to 6 square miles, thus making the Vatican City the smallest nation again. Sealand also joins the Developed Powers, hoping that the members will boost their economy.
  • Indochinese Union: We recognize the FRJS and send troops to their Korean front. We impose martial law in our sector of Alaska due to rumors of a rebellion by the Alaskan people to reclaim Communist Alaska as the public leader of the Shanghai Alliance. We grow suspicious that China is behind all this because the Shanghai Alliance is called the Shanghai Alliance, which we guess means something about China. To confirm our suspicions that China is secretly in the Shanghai Alliance, we move our spy planes, designed to evade radar completely from our air base in Luang Prabang to China.


The OSSR and the USSR attack China.

  • Indochinese Union: We join in the fight and send 2 million troops to China.