Religious Decline

In 2020 the religion of Islam became the #1 most commonly practiced religion in the world, with almost 4billion worshippers throughout the world especially the Middle East and Africa. Europe still remained largely Catholic /Protestant until it became an empire. The Days of Global Darkness took a toll on the practice of religion, when the worshippers prayed to their god(s) to make things better, and things only got worse, they decided that the Divine wasn't actually divine at all and turned their backs their religion. This was frowned upon by religious leaders ( such as the Pope ) who still believed in whatever they believed in. Islamic countries saw a decrease in people actually practicing the religion.

As the Dark Depression took over the world, many people lost their faith, as they couldn't see a way out of the mess that the entire world was stuck in. Over the years, Islam and Christianity still were the top two religions being practiced in the world but less and less people actually committed to the religions. Atheism was becoming more and more prominent especially in North America where the American Empire was waging constant wars against its enemies.

Revival of the Latin Language

Beginning in January of 2967 most of the countries in Europe made the switch from their own languages to Latin . Latin was being used in the European Empire for warfare. Latin slowly became a " dead" language after the Fall of the Western Roman Empire. Latin was only used to name species in biology for a few thousand years. When Europe became an Empire, they wanted their military to use a different language for secret purposes. They made the switch in the Military in 2478, while keeping it secret for a few hundred unitl a military emperor made the language official for the whole Empire.

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