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Hey, Ryan Here. I am making a map game, and it will go from 2018 onward. I am making this due to the lack of variety in map games, with the only current map game, Standard Future Map Game, having been dying down for a while and I really don't seem to have much of an interest in it anymore.

Rules Edit

  • Be Plausible. Please. This usually isn't much of an issue anymore, but still. 3 implausibilities and you're out for 10 turns.
  • What I, Ryan say, goes. Don't like it? Bugger off then.
  • If you think something is implausible, Message me or another mod on Discord[1]. We'll take a look at it.
  • Don't be a prick. Justify your wars. If you don't, I will roll a 10 sided die. If it lands on a 7-10, I will spawn a rebellion in your country.
  • Don't swear in the game or in the comments. Let's keep this professional. If you do, I will ban you permanently. That means racial slurs as well.
  • If you don't post for 6 turns, your nation will be removed from the game and (if applicable) your modship revoked.

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  • Game Creator / Commander In Chief: Ryan
  • Marshal: Derpmaster
  • Colonel: Sidewinder
  • Captain:
  • Lieutenant:
  • Sergeant:
  • Corporal:
  • Private:

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Andres Obrador becomes President of Mexico. This leads to increased tensions with the US, with US investors and US based companies being forced out of the country, and Mexico leaving NAFTA, seeing it as "The US leeching off of the Mexican People"

Russia annexes the Luhansk and Donetsk People's Republics, known collectively as Novorossiya. They form the New Russia Autonomous Oblast, and Russia claims all of Donetsk and Luhansk

The Syrian Civil War officially ends. Kurdistan is given independence from Syria and Iraq for helping against ISIS, and Syria is split between North and South, with the South under Assad and the North under they Free Syrian Army, which shall hold elections next year.

  • Flag of the United States of America United States of America: President Trump announces that Mexican actions against American business will not be tolerated, and cuts off trade with them. With demand increasing for goods, a large percentage of what Mexico kicked out goes to the US, leading to unemployment going down slightly. A budget is agreed upon for this year, and the big winners for spending this year were NASA, Domestic Affairs, and the Military. The big losers were Federal Government Officials, which a lot were laid off as an initiative spearheaded by Speaker Paul Ryan to cut spending on Federal Employees. We pull out troops from several military bases across the world this year, with Western Europe seeing most US troops leave, due to them being the most capable of defending themselves. Most of the troops pulled out of Western Europe are pushed into Afghanistan, to try and kill off the remnants of the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, and ISIS. President Trump reaffirms the Roosevelt Corollary, stating that "We must keep our neighbors from succumbing to Russia and China." This is followed by Trump stating that "Mexico is on thin ice..." The Republican Party gains a comfortable majority in the House and Senate, with Mexico beginning to be seen as an enemy.
  • Flag of HungaryHungary: President János Áder welcomes the end of the Syrian Civil War as "a step to peace in the Middle East" and announces that an embassy will be opened in the North Syrian capital of Aleppo in the near future. However, the annexation of Novorossiya and the claiming of Donetsk and Luhansk is condemned. Also, this year, a new bill allows 2000 Syrian, Somali, Libyan and Afghan refugees per year to seek asylum in Hungary, but will give the order to deport any other refugee not covered in the quota on grounds of illegal immigration, Border security is also increased. The National Assembly passes an infrastructure bill, setting aside €20 billion for improvement of the highway system, airports, as well as the first phase of a nation-wide high-speed train, which will, at this point, connect Budapest and Debrecen, the two biggest cities in the country. Funding for education and healthcare is also slightly increased, and the military budget is slightly lowered.
  • Flag of Russia Russia: As widely expected, Vladimir Putin is reelected in the election this year against his challengers. The turnout was 71% and since Alexei Navalny endorsed Grigory Yavlinsky in the end, the latter was notable for getting 4% of the vote. Putin replaces Medvedev with former finance minister Alexei Kudrin as Chairman of Government. After having annexed Lugansk and Donetsk, we gained several million more people and have secured the northern flank of Crimea. However rebuilding the damage from the war in this region is costly. As for the Russian economy, we continue to seek alternative partners while also negotiating with EU nations like Germany to resume economic cooperation. Construction continues on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline to deliver gas and oil to Germany and the rest of Europe. Needless to say, Russia does not recognize the terrorist regime in northern Syria or Kurdistan and only recognizes the Syrian Arab Republic, opposing American efforts at Balkanizing Syria and Iraq. The Russian government maintains that this will only increase terrorism and continue to destabilize the Middle East. In our military, we finish construction on several new naval vessels this year. President Putin also signs a new bill finalized by the Duma that offers monetary payments to families that have two or more children.
  • Flag of France France: In response to the migrant crisis that is finally over, many refugees invoking their right of return are promptly allowed transit back to their home nation. Meanwhile, the government passes a legislation in favour of increasing the population and therefore improving the economy. It is noted that nationalist sentiments are in decline. Emmanuel Macron has spoken out against Russia's actions in Ukraine, and pushes for the state to be part of the European Union and perhaps NATO for defensive purposes. The robotics industry is subsidised heavily.
  • Flag of Japan Japan: Aqours 3nd Love Live! take place in June and July; with live broadcasting included. The new Toyota Supra makes its debut, and has an all-wheel-drive hybrid system with a high-performance variant available as well, and is released. The budget for the Self-Defence Forces is increased for this year. Local elections in Okinawa Prefecture take place this year with Takeshi Onaga winning another term with 65.7% of the vote, beating Hirokazu Nakaima who only had 19.3% of the vote. Shinzō Abe continues to push for restarting several nuclear power plants in the nation, despite mass opposition.
  • Flag of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia: King Salman continues to endorse the Saudi Vision 2030, with women finally getting the right to drive in June and it's expected that women will be able to gain rights in the workforce by 2020. Urbanism begins to take place all over the country. Although many citizens are more than happy about the King's current decision, the Wahhabi royals are becoming very irritated with it, as the decisions are mainly against their beliefs in the perfect Arab society. The military is high and mighty. King Salman, in a turn of events, decides to only recognize the Assad regime as legitimate rather than the territory under the Free Syrian Army. The new changes in the United States cause for King Salman to begin moving towards Russia as a new international partner rather than the United States.
  • Flag of Australia Australia: This year, the Australian Democrats, a centrist party formerly holding many seats in Parliament, re-registers for election. Following the successful populist campaign by the young, charismatic, new leader - Alan Turner, the ADs manage to achieve a largest party majority in the Lower House of Parliament, with a second place in the Upper House. After a week of negotiations, the ADs form a coalition with the Labour Party, marking the ADs as liberal centrists. Alan Turner is seen by some as Australia's Emmanuel Macron. Nonetheless, his coalition sees the support of many as he continues the pro-responsible business policies of his predecessors. Taking a largely liberal stance in the social spectrum, Turner is nonetheless careful not to be too liberal lest he lose valuable independent votes. All in all, the success of the Australian Democrats marks a change in Australia's social attitudes as demographics change as well.
  • Flag of Germany Germany: A new government is finally formed with the CDU/CSU and the SPD, the ‘grand coalition’.  The SPD will receive six ministries in the new government including finance, foreign affairs and labour portfolios while the CDU will receive five and the CSU will receive three ministries.  There will be rises in public spending as well as German financing of the EU. We condemn the Russian annexation of Novorossiya. We recognize Northern Syria and Kurdistan as independent countries. We  agree with France that Ukraine should become a member of European Union.  Now the war in Syria is finished we hope many refugees will return to their country of origin. We start to invest in Maglev technology. We encourage the population to make more children to counter the decline of the population.

2019 Edit

Ukraine acceeds to the EU and NATO narrowly votes to keep Ukraine out, with Montenegro saying no.

North Korea tests a ballistic missile, one with a nuclear warhead on it to prove it can launch nukes with it. It falls off before it's intended target. It crashes into Kyoto, Japan. This ignites the Second Korean War.

Mexican border police clash with American Armed Forces in a misunderstanding of Donald Trump's speech. Mexico narrowly avoids declaring war on the US for this.

Abkhazia, South Ossetia, and Transnistria apply to join the Russian Federation, with all seeing their existence as short without Russian Protection.

Nagorno Karabakh applies to join CSTO

  • Flag of the United States of America United States of America: President Trump sends troops across the North Korean border, and as retaliation for Kyoto, nukes Pyongyang. We ask for NATO to send troops against North Korea. Troops are pulled from Afghanistan to help in the war effort, and the draft is reinstated, so in 3 months 300,000 troops are invading North Korea. Naval strikes keep North Korea from receiving any foreign aid from overseas countries, and Air strikes keep North Korean troops from making a serious effort to combat the US led strike-force. President Trump orders Mexico to punish the Mexican border police for their actions, or else war will be declared. [Mod Response Required]
    • Mod Response: Mexico refuses to punish the Mexican police, stating that “They did the right thing in not backing down to the threats of the deranged President Trump. We will be ready to defend ourselves, and invade the United States if necessary,”. Mexico also institutes a draft. In the US, after this de facto declaration of war by Mexico, riots ensue across all 50 states, calling for the impeachment of President Trump. In the resulting chaos, 49 people were killed, 541 injured, and a truck bomb detonated in front of the Trump Tower in New York.
      • American Response: President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence are both removed from office, and Paul Ryan takes the oath of office, making him the 46th president of the United States. He tries to mend ties with Mexico, but also begins drawing up invasion plans in case it fails. [Mod Response Required]
      • Mod Response: Mexico agrees to back down, but tensions are still high.
  • Flag of HungaryHungary: We welcome Ukraine’s addition to the European Union as a step for increased unity in Europe. We also offer our condolences to Japan for the many lives lost, condemns and puts a total embargo on North Korea, and sends 350 Hungarian troops to assist in the American invasion of North Korea. However, President János Áder heavily rebukes Donald Trump, saying that “We do not fight fire with fire. To respond to a nuclear bomb with another nuclear bomb is lowering yourself to the level of the enemy. Picking fights with Mexico is not in the American interests right now. Have you noticed the riots and civil unrest occuring in your country, Trump? Or are you too busy tweeting controversial and derogatory comments about your own people and other countries? Honestly, I cannot see what goal or motive you have, unless it is to destroy America, and in extension, Western democracy. I, in behalf of the Hungarian people, and the rest of the world, am sick and tired of your charades, and I ask you to get your act together, or resign,”. In other areas, the first phase of the Hungarian Gyorsvonat (high-speed rail system) is beginning construction, with construction of the Budapest-Debrecen Gyorsvonat line expected to be complete by 2023. Healthcare and educaion also get more funding.
  • Flag of Japan Japan: Shinzō Abe not only condemns North Korea, but also declares war on them, and sends military support to South Korea. Although angry at North Korean aggression, a bit of controversy arises due to the deployment of military personnel to Korea. Kyoto and surrounding areas is declared off limits.
  • Flag of Russia Russia: We condemn North Korea's brash actions, especially after the progress made in the Unified Korean Olympic team last year. The Russian Armed Forces deploys troops to the North Korean border to prevent a spillover of the conflict into the Russian Far East. President Putin urges both sides to end the conflict and negotiate for peace as this will lead to the deaths of millions of South Koreans, given the artillery pointed at Seoul. Russia also offers Japan assistance in cleaning up the radioactive mess in Kyoto after the nuclear strike, since we have experience in dealing with nuclear incidents. [Player Response] Meanwhile, the Nord Stream 2 pipeline is completed and shipments of Russian gas and oil begin to Germany and the rest of Western Europe through this Baltic Sea pipeline in spite of US and Polish protests. This helps the Russian economy. We begin reworking our trade agreements with Ukraine now that they are part of the EU in order to reflect that, and Russian economists predict another painful blow to the Ukrainian economy from EU trade regulations since Russia was always Ukraine's main trading partner. President Putin signs a Duma bill that suggests granting Russian citizenship to the six million Ukrainian nationals that have entered Russia since 2014. This, combined with the monetary incentives for big families, helps grow the population. Nagorno-Karabakh's attempt to join the CSTO is rejected mainly on the grounds that it is not a recognized state. The Russian Government asks the authorities of Transnistria, Abkhazia, and South Ossetia to host referendums on membership in the Federation to not aggravate tensions too much. [Mod Response] We also offer to sell China, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Syria (Damascus), Iraq, and India the S-400 air defense system (in light of the fact that early last year, an Israeli F-16 was shot down by an old Syrian S-200 system that was made back in the 1960s). [Mod/Player Response]
    • Mod Response: Transnistria, South Ossetia, and Abkhazia all have referendums in favor of the annexation. Nagorno-Karabakh is annexed by Armenia due to Russia's decline of their membership in CSTO. China, Qatar, Syria, Iraq, and India all accept. Azerbaijan is enraged by Armenia annexing Nagorno-Karabakh, and leaves the Commonwealth of Independent States.
    • Japan Diplomacy: Prime Minister Shinzō Abe accepts Russia's aid in cleaning up Kyoto.
  • Flag of Australia Australia: The new Australian government initiates a series of pro-regulated business initiatives to help boost the stagnating Australian economy. Among other policies, a cap is placed on student loans to help students stay out of debt. Additionally, the education ministry is reformed to reflect modern requirements, such as more emphasis on the sciences and arts, as well as a new and improved ICT class that has been integrated into the national examinations system. All new students will be educated in the technology of the future. Australia's immigration policies have been slightly liberalised, making it easier for legal immigrants to gain PR status in Australia, with preference for educated migrants. This is seen as an attempt by the government to increase the pool of skilled workers in the country. Thirdly, investment into clean renewable energy (especially solar as solar is getting cheaper by the year and Australia is just so damn hot) has been increased by 80% from the measly amounts in previous years. Along side that policy, financial and legal incentives have been enacted to encourage fossil fuel companies and petrol vehicle companies to switch to renewable alternatives. This approach of 'converting' companies is very much more effective than subsidising new companies as they already have the capital required in R&D. Many aspiring inventors are recruited into the system. All of this is in line with the government's aim of going fully Green by 2030. With an education system centred on high-level education, and a growing industry of skilled tertiary workers, Australia is set to move on to a modern and prosperous future.
  • Flag of France France: While the state is not in support for North Korea, we publicly condemn the United States for launching a nuclear attack on Pyongyang. In a public statement, Macron speaks out against the recent actions made by the US, "France acknowledges the destructive actions of North Korea against Kyoto, but are we really making things better by nuking their capital, which has twice as many people living there? Do the ends really justify the means? Where is the humanity?" We welcome Ukraine into the EU, a sign of strengthening European unity. France also offers to mediate a peace negotiation with North Korea alongside Russia. Infrastructure sees more funding, while reforms in education prepare future generations for a robotics and AI dominated world. Coal, oil and gas power plants are slowly being phased out in favor of other renewable energy sources. In a bill passed in Paris, solar panels are outfitted on government buildings, while construction begins on a large solar farm in rural land outside Tours.

2020 Edit

The North Korean Government collapses. The Second Korean War is over, with South Korea annexing the North.

The Fascist Golden Dawn party takes power in Greece. They support the independence movements in the Mediterranean, clearly to upset the balance of power. Greece leaves NATO and begins to leave the EU.

The Italian government collapses after several independence movements claim independence. Some members of the Italian Parliament crown Vittorio Emanuele to be King of Italy, with them forming a government in exile in Albania. Venice, Naples, Sardinia, and Sicily all declare independence.

Spain experiences the same fate as Italy. Andalusia, Basque, Aragon, the Balearic Islands, the Canaries, and Galicia declare independence, and receive help from the self-proclaimed Republic of Catalonia. The Civil Wars in Italy and Spain are collectively known as the Mediterranean Conflicts. Greece supports the rebels in both countries.

  • Flag of Canada Canada: With the recent events with the United States and Mexico, Canada begins to focus more on military. An aircraft carrier is due to be complete next year, with 50 new tanks. Socialism begins to phase out of Canada, with an open health care market brought to the Canadian people. Taxes go down, and major sections of the federal budget get cut. With Spain and Italy falling, we increase our police force, and the government website has a weekly question asking about how the Canadians want their country to be. This will help the population be heard. We condemn America's motives with Mexico and the nuking of Pyongyang. 
  • Flag of HungaryHungary: The Hungarian government expresses unease at the collapse of Italy and Spain, as well as a fascist dictatorship in Greece, expresses support to the central governments of both Italy and Spain, and sends 1000 troops to each nation, to fight the rebels. [Secret] The Hungarian Government secretly sends funding to the Catalan and Basque seperatists [End Secret]. An alliance offer is extended to Romania, the former Yugoslav nations, and Bulgaria, to protect against any potential Greek aggression (Mod Response Required). The more liberal Hungarian Socialist Party has gained traction over the past few years, and has now dethroned the conservative Fidesz party as the majority. New legislation is passed, requiring Hungary be a completely green nation by 2050 at the latest.
    • Mod Response: Macedonia, Bosnia, and Kosovo accept the Alliance. The others reject due to NATO being a thing and that being able to protect them more.
  • Flag of the United States of AmericaUnited States of America: The United States supports the central governments in Spain and Italy, but we also support the causes of Basque, Catalonia, Sardinia, and Sicily. We propose that the central governments allow these states to gain their independence, as to lighten the load on the central governments. In the 2020 presidential election sees Democratic nominee Kirsten Gillibrand wins the election in a landslide, partly due to her vice presidential nominee, Cory Booker.
  • Flag of Japan Japan: The reform to Article 9 is put to vote, which causes controversy. It passes in the National Diet, however, it is unsuccessful in the nationwide referendum; having 73% against it. The reform controversy, among other issues, causes the approval rating both the LDP and especially Shinzō Abe to drop. Shinzō Abe calls for elections in August of next year in light of the controversy. The departure tax is put in place. Aqours 4th Love Live! takes place in August and September, after not having one last year due to North Korea conflict. Shin Megami Tensei V is released for the Nintendo Switch.
  • Flag of Russia Russia: Because of the referendums the Federation formally annexes Abkhazia, South Ossetia, and Transnistria as autonomous republics. Due to the Ukraine conflict being over Prime Minister Alexei Kudrin asks the EU to formally lift sanctions against Russia, as they damaged the European economy and are meaningless anyway, particularly with the chaos going on in the US. [Mod Response] The Russian government also formally asks Ukraine and Georgia to recognize the situation as they will never be getting those regions back now, and begin restoring relations. [Mod Response] The Russian weapons manufacturing industry continues to sell weapons to other countries throughout Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. The Russian Navy receives several new vessels this year. We offer Greece membership in the CSTO. [Mod Response] Russia remains neutral in the Medditerannean conflicts but President Putin makes a statement supporting the integrity of Italy and Spain as nation states, saying that "destroying some of Europe's oldest nations does not benefit anyone."
    • Mod Response: Sanctions on Russia are lifted , on the condition that Russia does not take any more land. Greece accepts, seeing the CSTO as a way to get funding for millitary projects, as well as protection. Ukraine reluctantly recognizes the loss of Crimea amd the Donbass, as those areas are majority ethnic Russian anyway, but Georgia refuses to recognize it and cuts all ties to Russia.

2021 Edit

In a second independence referendum, Scotland becomes independent from the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom then sells off outlying territories to mainly the United States due to a large percentage of them starting to question British Rule. This sparks Quebec to start plans for a referendum in 2023. Most political analysts see this as being a landslide victory in favor of independence.

Mexico and Argentina form an "alliance" against The US, with Argentina having joined due to the US purchasing the Falklands. They seek support from Russia and CSTO, applying for membership

Spain and Italy come to an agreement with some more "distant separatists". The Balearic Islands, The Canary Islands, Basque, Catalonia, Sardinia, and Sicily will gain independence, but in return, they shall help in defeating the other separatists, and become NATO observers.

  • Flag of the United States of America United States of America: Kirsten Gillibrand takes the oath of office, and immediately proves herself a competent president, with legislation based towards preventing the near apocalypse that was Donald Trump. The 28th Amendment is ratified, which abolishes the Electoral College in favor of Popular Vote by STV. Shortly afterward, Congress passes landmark legislation, closing several loopholes people use to avoid paying taxes. The 29th Amendment is also proposed, in which Congress cannot be re-elected if the National Debt is over 20% of the GDP. Congress gets the general message, and creates a "balanced budget" for the first time in decades. Taxes increase on the wealthy, allowing for most things to not have to be cut. The Military is downsized, with a cap of 10,000 new recruits per year. This leads to the US Armed Forces being filled with only the most competent of soldiers in the lower ranks. With the Second Korean War over, we finally congratulate South Korea, and begin helping them and Japan rebuild, using a plan similar to the Marshall Plan after World War II. We warn Russia against accepting Mexico or Argentina into CSTO, as it is a clear violation of the Monroe Doctrine. Secret: Plans begin to be made to put up an orbital warhead defense. (End Secret)
  • Flag of Canada Canada: This year, Prime Minister Trudeau issues a bill to the House of Commons and the Senate which would override Quebec's referendum in 2023. This passes in the House of Commons with 258 to 50. This bill fails in the Senate with 46-59. The first Canadian aircraft carrier takes to the Atlantic. The Canadian Space Agency announces by 2030, they hope to put a man on the moon. SJWs attack spokesperson Kathy Mc-kormin saying the first Canadian on the moon should be a woman. Soon, it is announced a man and a woman will be put on the moon together.
    • Mod Event:Due to PM Trudeau's attempt at blocking Quebecois independence, the movement gains more traction, and several politicians from the Maritimes begin discussing joining the United States in the event of Quebec gaining independence or forming a new Commonwealth Realm along with Newfoundland and Labrador.
  • Flag of Japan Japan: Elections are held. Shinzō Abe and the LDP sees a sharp reduction in seats going down to 167. Kibō no Tō also lost ten seats, while Komeito lost six. The Constitutional Democratic Party sees the largest rise in seats, and now sits at 179 seats. The Constitutional Democratic Party, Japanese Communist Party, and Social Democratic Party continues their coalition in the election (known as the Pacifist coalition), as does the LDP-Komeito coalition. Yukio Edano from the Constitutional Democratic Party ultimately wins the election and becomes Prime Minister. The budget for the Self-Defence Forces are cut down a bit, and a budget is made towards reconstruction.
  • Flag of Australia Australia: This year, the virtually non-existent military budget is increased to 80 billion Aussie Dollars (AzD). This is followed by a massive recruitment campaign with national self-defence being a main driver for joining the army. By the end of the year, the Australian Armed Forces numbers 250,000. Numbers continue to grow with a cap set at 400,000 active duty troops at any time. The Navy and Air Force are the biggest benefactors of this spending and troop increase. The Australian government declares neutrality in most global conflicts and decides to focus on self-development instead if interfering in other countries' issues. Secondly, the government enacts population growth programmes such as lower family taxes and family planning programmes, with the aim of achieving a population of 30 million by 2030. Next, Australia reaffirms its loyalty to the British Crown and Commonwealth. Additionally, during this year's Commonwealth meetings, the PM proposes to ease free trade between Commonwealth nations. [Mod Response] [Secret] The PMs of England and Australia agree to a joint cooperation channel between the GCHQ and Australia, providing Australian civilian and military forces with vital intel. [/Secret] The Australian Cyber Security Centre is reorganised into the Australian Electronic Communications Agency (AECA), an organisation tasked with defending the nation's internet and other electronic communications. They also tackle organised cyber crime and handle cyber intelligence. Last but not least, the PM visits India and China separately to talk about strengthening trade ties. Shenzhen and Mumbai are of special interest due to their status as tech capitals. [Mod Response on trade ties]
    • Mod Response:They both agree to increase trading with Australia, with China seeming extra-eager to do so.
  • Flag of Germany Germany: We condemn the Greek departure from The EU and NATO. We send around 40 Eurofighter Typhoon and 100 Leopard 2 tanks to Spain and Italy, to help them to fight the separatists. We do not recognize Vittorio Emanuele as Head of state of Italy and we hope the new country of Scotland will become a member of the EU and NATO.  We hope to open the first maglev train line for the public in 2023, it will be a line from Essen to Dortmund. In the General election in October, the CDU of Angela Merkel is still the largest party. The Far-right ‘Alternative Für Deutschland’ is the 2nd largest party. Now government forming talks has begun. There are rumours that 2021 would become the last year with Angela Merkel as Chancellor of Germany.
  • Flag of France France: With the presidential elections coming up in 2022, Emmanuel Macron is set to enter his second term as the President of France. To prevent the recent events in Italy and Spain to happen to France, steps are taken to lessen the likelihood of an uprising. Military support is provided to the governments of Spain and Italy. A new type of tank is designed, based on the AMX Leclerc, known as the Titan I. Macron has announced the creation of a French national space agency, in which France will send the first manned mission to the Moon in decades.
  • Flag of Russia Russia: President Putin affirms his support for the central governments of Spain and Italy, mindful of separatist movements in Chechnya and elsewhere in Russia's recent history. We tell the United States that Mexico and Argentina are "sovereign nations that can decide which alliances to join for themselves" and also bring up "the Ukraine precedent" in terms of meddling in countries on each other's border. We tell the leaders of Mexico and Argentina to work this out with the US before Russia reviews their application for CSTO membership. In the meantime, we offer S-400 air defense systems to both countries. [Mod Response] This year the S-500 air defense systems are completed and introduced into the Strategic Rocket Forces. Prime Minister Kudrin announces that the Russian economy has greatly rebounded since the lifting of EU sanctions and has been growing. The military budget is risen, and the total number of personnel is capped at 1.3 million (currently standing at around 1 million). The aging Kirov-class heavy nuclear guided missile cruisers Admiral Lazarev and Admiral Ushakov have been refitted and modernized, officially being commissioned into the Russian Navy this year. This brings up the count of Kirov-class ships to four, assigning one to each major fleet (Black Sea, Northern, Baltic, and Pacific). This will allow Russia to project power around the world. A new supercarrier, Project 23000E, is beginning to be constructed in Russian shipyards and is expected to take a decade to fully complete.
    • Mod Response: Mexico and Argentina accept
  • Flag of HungaryHungary: Changes to healthcare and eduction take place, making it more accessible and efficient. Aside from that, not much has changed. The first phase of the Gyorsvonat is halfway complete, and testing of train models, heavily based on the French TGV and Japanese bullet trains, begins. A new terminal is added to Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport.

2022 Edit

Argentina seizes the Falklands from the United States shortly after they acquired it from the UK. Mexico says they shall defend Argentina if the US retaliates. Most of the American Public supports war with Mexico and Argentina due to their hostility against the US and the threat of having a Russian ally on their borders. Argentina sees going much like they hoped during the Falklands War.

The Mediterranean Conflict rages on, with Italy gaining ground against their enemies, with Vittorio Emanuele basically accepted as the new Italian King by most loyal to Italy. Spain is not as lucky, with the separatists gaining ground against the Spanish Central Government.

Occitania begins campaigning for Self-Rule, much like the Scottish did before their independence

  • Flag of the United States of America United States of America: The United States Government sees the Argentinian seizure of the Falklands as an act of War. Several battleships and destroyers are sent to the Argentinian coast to set up a blockade, and troops invade Mexico as a pre-emptive strike. Airstrikes ensue on the Mexican coast, and we target supply lines to Mexican troops to try and starve the Mexican Army. Annexation proposals are already being drawn up, with the most insane being to annex all of Mexico north of the 20th parallel North, and all of Argentina south of the 40th parallel south. The 29th Amendment is ratified, which was explained last turn. Kirsten Gillibrand supports the war, seeing it as Argentina attempting what Japan failed at.
  • Flag of Japan Japan: A reform towards the work culture is passed; and several new laws and regulations are put into place; such as setting a limit of 48 hours of work a week maximum and women have the right to work and have equal rights and benefits. Meanwhile a proposal is made to ban all fuel and diesel cars by 2045. An investment towards renewable energy is made, while nuclear power is planned to be phrased out. Aqours 6th and final Love Live! takes place at the Tokyo Dome in March. The PlayStation 5 is also released this year, with up to two Terabyte storage.
  • Flag of Germany Germany: The ‘Jamaica coalition’ is formed with the CDU, The Free Democratic Party (liberals) and the Greens. There will be more military and educational spending. The military spending would rise from 1.2% of the GDP to 1.5%.  The nuclear power plants in Germany would close around 2040, although it is not certain yet and Marijuana will be legalised in 2025. The government condemns the American aggression towards Mexico and Argentina and has announced it will not support any side. We ask Scotland to become a member of the EU [Mod Response]. The government wants to retire the Eurofighter Typhoon and searches for a replacement. Meanwhile the military support in the Mediterranean Conflict continues and we have decided to recognize Vittorio Emanuele as Head of state of Italy.
    • Mod Response:Scotland would be delighted to join. Catalonia, Basque, The Balearic Islands, Sardinia, and Sicily apply for membership as well. Note: The separatists that are applying are the ones that are helping the central government in exchange for independence. [Player Response Required]
    • Flag of Germany Germany: Germany welcomes these new nations into the European Union.
  • Flag of France France: Emmanuel Macron is re-elected as President of France. He sets out goals that include sending a manned mission to the Moon by the end of his second term, enact reforms in the energy industry to shift towards cleaner energy, and the solution to the problems in Occitania. The redistribution of economy and energy towards Occitania is expected to solve the main cause of their nationalism, apparent exclusion. Greater autonomy is also provided to quell their nationalism. Research on nuclear fusion is further subsidized by the government. The admission of Scotland into the EU is supported by the nation, as well as the assisting separatist groups.
    • Flag of Australia Aussie Diplomacy: The PM proposes a joint Aussie-French Moon mission. This will benefit both countries' space programmes as France has both the money and technology while Australia has the hardware and launch site.
  • Flag of Russia Russia: The Russian Government will continue to provide support to its allies, the Spanish and Italian central governments, not recognizing the regional separatists. President Putin also speaks out against US provocations against South American nations. With the new military budget, the Russian Air Force is set to receive at least 200 new Sukhoi T-50 PAK FA next generation jets by 2025. Prime Minister Kudrin announces a plan to transfer the Russian economy off of oil and gas reliance and create a post-oil economy for the future, with emphasis on such fields as agriculture and weapons sales.
    • Arabian Diplomacy: King Salman accept the weaponry previously offered a few years ago.
  • Flag of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia: With women having gained the rights to work in the last two years, the Wahhabi royals persist on reforming the government or else they will give King Salman the ill-legitimacy to the crown as King of the Saudi's and religious power over the Arabians. More next year.
  • Flag of Australia Australia: This year, the government creates the Australian Space Exploration Agency (ASEA). It is tasked with Australian space exploration and is given an initial budget of 50 billion AZD, to be reduced to 30 billion AZD next year. Soon, the ASEA builds a rocket launch site on the Northern-most tip of Queensland. By the end of the year, the ASEA has successfully launched 16 satellites into space, entirely on it's own, thanks to technology borrowed or bought from America and China. The PM proposes a joint Aussie-French Moon mission in light of Frances recent commitment to space travel. [Player Response] In other news, thanks to the PM's pro-business, pro-population growth and investment in technology, the Australian GDP has hit 1.8 trillion USD. This in turn leads to a 60% increase in corporate tax revenue, increasing total government revenue by about 20%. The government expects this figure to grow much larger as new policies are implemented. Among those policies are the construction of science and business parks in South Australia which have attracted many companies in the software and internet industry. Understanding that hardware manufacture would be too expensive to produce in Australia and thus non-competitive, the PM invites Chinese hardware companies to ship hardware to Australia with low tariffs (thanks to the Chinese trade deal) where they will be assembled in automated Australian assembly lines. As more and more of South Australia is devoted to tech, the area just outside Adelaide has become known as the Silicon Valley of the South. A place where the software and ideas of the Western world meet the hardware and industrialism of the Eastern world. Australia is at the literal centre of the information revolution.
    • French Response: We accept the proposal.
  • Flag of Canada Canada: After years of debate since 2020, politicians agree on the future of Canadian health care. Free health care will only be provided to those with disease and disability. Next year, all seats in the house of commons are up for election, and the Quebec referendum will take place. Trudeau in a desperate attempt to stop Quebec, announces that their is still hope. The Clarity Act, a bill signed into law in 1995 gives the government the final say in the succession from the union. This sends many voters into panic. As of now, Conservatives seem as if they may take the majority Maxime Bernier is the new leader of the Conservative Party. Finally, we ignore Mexico and the United States current growing war.

2023 Edit

The "Second Falklands War" is going extremely well for the Americans, with most of Northern Mexico and Argentine Patagonia under American control, however, many nations call for peace between the Americans and the Argentinian-Mexican Defense Pact.

The Quebecois referendum leads to Quebec claiming independence. Shortly afterward, The Maritime Provinces and Newfoundland and Labrador declare independence as the "Republic of Acadia". Some say they originally were going to join the United States, but due to the Second Falklands War, they decided against it.

The Visegrad Group, which includes Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and Czechia; formalize a union, known as the Intermarium. They also add Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, and Lithuania to the union. Some see this as being like an "Eastern European Union inside the European Union". This is intended to be a fallback plan if the EU collapses.

  • Flag of Japan Japan: 20 floating wind turbines are planned offshore off the Fukushima coast, and aims for 80 of them built by 2031, as a part to the move towards renewable energy sources that is not nuclear. A new idol group for Love Live! is announced, with 恒星 (Kōsei) being the name chosen for the new idol group. The Idolmaster 3 is released for the PlayStation 5. The proposal is passed in the government, banning all fuel and diesel cars by 2045. The budget for the Self-Defence Forces are cut down again by 1/8th, and the budget cut is redirected to infrastructure and social services.
  • Flag of Russia Russia: Although this is years late, Prime Minister Kudrin tells the Ukrainian Government that Russia is willing to return the several dozen Ukrainian Navy vessels that it seized during the liberation of Crimea in 2014. Most of them are in such poor condition because of Ukraine's lack of funding to maintain these ships that the Russian Navy has no use for them due to the cost and time necessary for refitting, and so the government offers to improve relations with Ukraine by returning the ships to the Ukrainian Navy. [Mod Response] President Putin comments that the new "Intermarium" seems like a potential threat to the Russian sphere of influence, but Russia will try to improve its relations with these countries. The Duma passes a bill increasing monetary payments to those that have families with two or more children. The ethnic Russian birth rate has significantly increased since the Family Assistance Act was originally introduced several years ago and the infamous "Russian demographic crisis" is long in the past. Efforts to transfer the economy off of oil and gas revenue continue, with development put into agriculture and the arms industry, as well as increasing the country's manufacturing sector in general. Secret: President Putin will not be running for reelection next year, and his team decides on Kudrin as a successor in the upcoming elections.
    • Mod Response:Ukraine is glad to see their ships returned, but are still not "happy" with the Russian Government
  • Flag of the United States of America United States of America: The US recognizes the newly independent states of Quebec and Acadia, and will see any Canadian action as a violation of their sovereignty. We continue our push into Mexico and Argentina, having almost completely destroyed their navies and air forces. We hope to gain the Patagonia region from Argentina, and all of Northern Mexico. Microsoft releases the Xbox 720, which is a flop. Microsoft then announces that they shall not be making any more consoles, instead becoming a 3rd party developer in the gaming industry. Atari makes a comeback with their Atari Cougar. Star Trek: Discovery ends, after a successful 7 years. Star Wars has faded due to Star Trek's rise in popularity. Several new vehicle designs are in the works for the military, including a new type of plane that in released pictures seems to look more like a spaceship.
  • Flag of Canada Canada: The Quebec independence referendum is overridden using the Clarity Act. The House of Commons votes 233-75 with only politicians from Quebec voting towards this. Now that Quebec trying to leave has happened twice, the constitution is amended to make it illegal to leave the union, and will be ratified next year. This years defense budget is increased by 8 billion more Canadian Dollars.
    • Both Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces declared independence following the referendum, so The Atlantic Provinces would probably also vote toward legalizing the referendum.
    • Mod Event:Due to the enforcement of the Clarity Act, Quebec and Acadia decide to fight for their independence. The Canadian Civil War has begun.
      • Canadian Response: 30 tanks are sent into Quebec to assist our 2,000 soldiers to combat the rebels. The police force inside Quebec arrests hundreds of rebels for treason, who are convicted and sentenced to 10 years in prison. New Brunswick is under martial law, with checkpoints everywhere.
  • Flag of Australia Australia: Following a popular referendum, the national anthem is changed to Waltzing Matilda. This is met with a massive worldwide media frenzy with many talk show hosts dubbing it the most Australian thing ever. In other news, 2 satellites are launched into orbit this year, both as remote autonomous test satellites, testing technologies for the coming Moon mission. Additionally, a plan to launch an autonomous rover to the Moon using SpaceX's technology by 2026 is underway. This is marked as a groundbreaking development by experts worldwide as it is the first time a mission of such calibre has been built upon technology developed by the private sector. Elon Musk becomes very popular in Australia. The Australian military has reached a total count of 250,000, with the majority in the Navy and Air Force. An additional 20,000 armed forces are in the Australian Coast Guard, tasked with protecting the Australian coastline from terrorists, pirates and various other non-military tasks including handling refugee boats and rescuing people. Australia decides to stay out of the Second Falkland War though the PM is known to have remarked that the Falklands is legally American. Australia stays out of the Canadian Civil War entirely as the Australian public has mixed feelings. This year, the Australian GDP rises to 1.9 trillion AZD, benefitting from t pro-business policies and the booming tech industry. Lastly, Australia proposes an Oceanic military alliance with New Zealand to protect common interests and tackle regional problems with piracy and refugees. [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response:New Zealand accepts, but is cautious, due to this possibly leading down the path of Australia eventually annexing New Zealand.
    • American Diplomacy:We thank Australia for their PM's remarks towards the Second Falklands War. (It's nice to see people read the mod events, even when not all of them do, thinking that I just invaded a country for no reason.)
  • Flag of Germany Germany: We recognize Quebec, and Acadia as independent countries, however we will not participate in the Canadian civil war. We hope that there will be soon peace between Mexico, Argentina and The United States of America. The first German Maglev train opens for public. The government encourages people to buy electric cars. We see how the Russian population rises as a result of their Family Assistance Act and we decide to do the same, the bill is passed in the Bundestag. We still help Spain and Italy in their conflict.
  • Flag of Serbia Serbia: Aleksandar Vučić continues his presidency for the second term, after winning last election in 2022. This time, Vučić's government will focus on improving relations with neighboring nations and Western countries, and maintain good relationship between Serbia and CSTO. In reaction to the ongoing civil war in the Mediterranean and Canada, Serbian government supports the central governments of Spain, Italy, and Canada. Serbia also refuses to recognize these separatists. Foreign Minister makes a statement that Serbia respects territorial integrity of Spain, Italy, and Canada, and Serbia is having the same issue with them (in reference to Kosovo). There are some reports that Serbia aims to join the Intermarium as observers, however no actions are taken. Infrastructure are continued to be improved. Construction of A3 motorway, which starting from Belgrade to the border with Romania, and will give access to Romanian city of Timişoara. Several roads in rural areas are being improved. New terminal is planned to be built in Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport.
  • Flag of France France: Support for the central governments of Spain, Italy and Canada are maintained, but the nation does recognise the efforts of the seperatists that have co-operated. The education system is reformed, throwing more support and basis behind skills such as coding or creative arts. Refugees displaced by the Mediterranean Wars are accepted by France, which is handled much more efficiently than the Syrian refugee crisis. The nation also calls for Canada, Quebec and Acadia to negotiate a long-term solution, rather than settle it with force. Bills passed by the government focus on increasing the ehtnic French population, in an action similar to that of Russia and Germany. A start-up company based in Paris, Aperture, is given funding to expand the French national grid and begin the conversion process from fossil-fueled based power plants to those of a more renewable nature.

2024 Edit

An armistice is agreed upon for the Second Falklands War until a peace treaty can be negotiated.

The Mediterranean Conflicts end in a Central Government Victory. All states guaranteed independence for cooperation are given independence, and the others are annexed back into their former nations.

The Canadian Civil War officially starts with the first clash between the Central Government and the Separatists. British Columbia and the Northern Territories of Yukon, the NWT, and Nunavut are contemplating secession also.

The Shearon Harris Nuclear Plant in Raleigh, North Carolina experiences a meltdown. Fun Times.

  • Flag of Japan Japan: With news of a nuclear power plant having a meltdown in the US, the phrase out of nuclear power begins, with the Constitutional Democratic Party, Japanese Communist Party, Social Democratic Party, Liberal Party, and including Kibō no Tō in support of this. The LDP and Komeito are against this move, but are outnumbered in the government by those in support. A budget towards renewable energy not nuclear is also increased. A few bills are passed in attempts to combat the population decline of the nation, and the government begins to no longer encourage the "three-generation households" and promotes a work-life balance. More investment is made towards social services as well. Kōsei initial cards are released on Love Live! School Idol Festival in June, and Kōsei songs also added. Dearly Stars cast makes debut in The Idolmaster Million Live! Theatre Days.
  • Flag of Australia Australia: Corporate tax on multinationals increases by 3%, bringing in an additional 100 million AZD in tax revenue. This money is largely invested in nuclear fission research. In other news, Australian Diplomats are visiting Asian countries to increase trade ties and to increase Australia's standing in the region as a neutral regional power that can be depended upon. This is in line with the PMs plans to increase tech exports to Asia as their emerging economies gobble up tech. In other news, the PM for Canadian unity and for a peaceful resolution to be reached. Australian mediators offer to be present during peace negotiations. [Player/Mod Response] United we stand, Divided we fall. Australia announces plans to involve 20 bombers in the fight against terrorism in the Middle East. Additionally, the Australian Air Force routinely airdrops supplies and humanitarian aid into conflict zones.
  • Flag of Russia Russia: The presidential election is held this year as Vladimir Putin steps down, having reached the end of his consecutive two term-limit. Alexei Kudrin, his prime minister, runs on the United Russia ticket. However, unexpectedly, he only gets about 40% of the vote because of his liberal views, while Sergey Baburin of the nationalist Russian All-People's Union gets 36%, causing a runoff. On the next election day a month later, Baburin pulls ahead of the liberal and wins with 52% of the vote to become the next President. Baburin appoints Anton Bakov, leader of the Monarchist Party, as Prime Minister as part of a nationalist-monarchist compromise. Immediately, he begins purging many of the Putin era officials and has the Investigative Committee begin prosecuting oligarchs. Under his approval the State Duma passes a bill reinstating the death penalty, for government corruption. He also announces that the wealth acquired by oligarchs during the 1990s with the treasonous actions of Yeltsin was a robbing of the nation, and demands Western banks to hand over the financial information of Russian oligarchs living abroad. He also demands the extradition of oligarchs from the US and UK to stand trial for high treason. [Mod Response] Baburin orders an inspection of nuclear facilities to make sure they are in top shape. He also approves the sale of additional weaponry to the Syrian Arab Republic and reaffirms Russia's support for the governments of Italy and Spain.
    • American Response:We extradite the oligarchs
    • Mod Response:The British refuse to extradite the oligarchs.
  • Saudi Arabia | Saudi Provisional Government: On January 5th, the Wahhabi Royalists in Saudi Arabia declared illegitimacy for the Saudi's to continue their reign over Arabia, and thus decide to seize the throne for themselves, beginning the Arabian Civil War. In response to Salafi sympathizers taking up arms and overrunning numerous northern provinces, the Arabian Revolutionary Front, a militia composed of Arabians who wish to have democracy and a republic, begin to fight back against all sides in the efforts to topple the Kingdom and form the Republic of Arabia. Numerous Shia's in the southwestern portion of the Kingdom begin a vie for secession in the efforts of obtaining independence and giving the Shia community in the Middle East more power, establishing the Shia Secessionist Front. With the Saudi Provisional Government watching as the kingdom collapses into civil war, the State of Hejaz, controlling the two holy cities Mecca and Medina, is given independence as to not bring the war into Holy Land. (This is the set up turn. More next turn)
    • Flag of Australia Aussie Diplomacy: The government expresses shock at the turn of events in Arabia. However, the PM quickly expresses support for the Provisional Government against the ultra-conservative Wahhabi Royalists. Simultaneously, the government decides to support the Shia independence movement seeing them as being marginalized for too long. Seeing as the pre-war government has been becoming more and more secular over time, granting more and more rights, the PM calls on the provisional government to ally with the Shia secessionists against the Wahhabi terrorists and fractured republicans. [Player Response]
  • Flag of France France: In response to the recent nuclear reactor meltdown in the United States, the government begins phasing out nuclear reactors in favour of new whirlpool hydroelectric generators, which will be used to replace most power plants except for solar farms in the coming years. We recognise the nations that have won their independence. Support is provided to the Arabian Revolutionary Front in the form of supplies and logistical support. Security itself within France is tight, especially in public locations and monuments to contain any terrorist threat.
  • Flag of Germany Germany: We have decided to give military and logistical support to the Arabian Revolutionary Front. We ask Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina to join the European Union [Player /Mod Response].  Because of the Nuclear reactor meltdown in the United States, the government has decided to accelerate the closing of Nuclear power plants, they will be closed in 2035 and replaced by Solar panels and other 'green' energy plants. The new president and prime minister of Russia are seen as a bigger threat than Former President Putin.
    • Mod: Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina join the EU. Serbia declines.
  • Flag of the United States of America United States of America: Eastern North Carolina is evacuated. We support the Arabian Revolutionary Front. We propose a treaty to Mexico and Argentina. We annex Northern Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula, Guatemala is given Chiapas (for no reason.) and We annex Patagonia from Argentina. [Mod Response Required]
    • Mod: Mexico agrees to cede the northern states to the United States, but refuses to cede the Yucatan nor Chiapas, but instead proposes an occupation zone in both regions instead. Argentina agrees to cede the regions of Chubut, Santa Cruz and Tierra del Fuego to the US.
      • American Response:We refuse to accept the Mexican demands, and separately sign a peace treaty with Argentina. We resend the demands to Mexico, with an attachment. "This is the best option for Mexico, the next treaty proposal will not be so forgiving" [Mod Response]


The Canadian Civil War is overall less violent than expected, basically just protests in some towns, but the Quebec region sees heavy resistance against the Canadian government.

Mexico reluctantly agrees to the peace treaty, which ultimately results in civil disorder throughout the country.

Evidence suggests that the nuclear meltdown in the US was intentionally done. Many officially regard these ideas as conspiracy theories. The nuclear meltdown was indeed artifically induced. The information on the nature of the disaster is limited to the US government, but certain reports show an unregistered staff member entering the barium rod control room without authorization. CIA intel reveals the man to be a Canadian citizen.

Since the exit of Greece from both the EU and NATO, it has had higher tensions with Turkey, often entering heated court sessions over the infringement of each other's EEZs in the Aegean Sea islands.

  • Saudi Provisional Government: With the civil war underway and the Siege of Riyadh occurring following Wahhabi occupation of the city, the city of Afif is chose as the new government center. With much of the military being either under the influence of the Wahhabi's or the Revolutionaries, only time will tell how long the Saudi government can last until it collapses fully.

    Yellow = State of Hejaz, Red = Saudi Government, Green = Shia Secessionists, Grey = Wahhabi Loyalists, Purple = Revolutionary Front

  • Flag of the United States of America United States of America: With the Second Falklands War over, we consolidate the territories acquired; establishing the Patagonia Territory from the Falklands, and the territories acquired from Argentina, The Durango Territory, from the Mexican states of Durango and Sinaloa, The Sonora Territory, From Sonora, The Chihuahua Territory, From Chihuahua, the Baja Territory, From Baja California and Baja California Sur, The Coahuila Territory, from Coahuila, The New Leon Territory, from Nuevo León and Tamaulipas, and the Yucatan Territory, from Yucatan, Campeche, and Quintana Roo. Military occupation begins in these areas to ensure peace during the transition into eventual statehood. We send aid to Mexico and Argentina to help rebuild their infrastructure after American carpet bombing and tank warfare, wanting to possibly re-establish friendly relations. NASA is given a budget boost, with the main focus on re-establish the US as the dominant power in Space, at the forefront of Space Exploration, with the recent rise of Europe and Japan as being competitors in space, we begin to see increased missions out of Earth Orbit, with manned testing of breaking off Earth Orbit planned for 2028, and a Mars Mission planned in 2032.
  • Flag of Japan Japan: Prior to the elections this year, the remains of the Democratic Party and move to either the Constitutional Democratic Party or Kibō no Tō with six of them going to the former and four of them going to the latter. Elections are held. The Liberal Democratic Party sees another huge loss in seats, now down to 103. Kibō no Tō gains sixteen seats, while Komeito lost eight. Nippon Ishin no Kai gains one seat. Constitutional Democratic Party sees another large gain in seats, in part of their success last time, and now sits at 233 seats; while the Japanese Communist Party gains one seat. Yukio Edano wins a second term as a result. Meanwhile, the budget towards JAXA is somewhat increased, seeing a renewed interest in space by several nations; though social services and infrastructure continues to be the main focus. The Self-Defence Forces see another budget cut as the nation begins to slowly move towards non-alignment and working towards more friendly relations with its regional neighbours, which was strained at times during LDP rule of the nation. The first Kōsei Love Live! is held in March and April.
  • Flag of Germany Germany: We are happy that the Canadian civil war isn’t very violent. We still support the revolutionaries in Arabia. The German Aerospace Centre has announced it will send a man to the moon in 2035 and to Mars 2040, the Centre also receives more funds from the government. At the end of the year there were Parliamentary elections with the CDU winning seats again after a long period of losing seats, the SPD won also seats again but they stay the 3rd largest party and  the Jamaica coalition stays in power. There were also Presidential elections this year, the new President is Stanislaw Tillich from the CDU.
  • Flag of Russia Russia: The economy enjoys more revenue and GDP growth from the increasing price of oil and gas as the major OPEC country of Saudi Arabia has descended into civil war. All Russian diplomatic staff have been evacuated from there and from Canada. Trials take place of major oligarchs extradited from the U.S. that are highly publicized. Their wealth is added to the national treasury as a repossession of ill-gotten money, which they acquired illegally during the chaotic privatization era of the 1990s. Most are given life imprisonment, but some are executed as an example under last year's Anti-Corruption Act. The Russian military continues working on the new supercarrier. Some controversy arises over Putin's retirement but the government will not investigate or prosecute him. President Baburin and the Constitutional Court removed the amendment to the Russian Constitution from Medvedev's tenure in 2008–2012 that increased the presidential term lengths to six years and put the limit to two consecutive terms rather than just two terms. This brings the limit to two terms of four years and precludes the possibility of Putin running again. Medvedev's party United Russia still maintains a slight majority since the 2021 legislative election, in which they received 52% of the vote.

2026 Edit

The Canadian Civil War begins to become more violent, due to a leak of information from the CIA saying that the Nuclear Disaster was caused intentionally by a Canadian citizen. This causes some Americans to form militias to help the Quebecois and Acadians in their cause. Also due to the leak, open rebellions begin in the Northern Territories and British Columbia.

Due to large support, the Saudi Republicans begin to gain ground in the Arabian Civil War. The Arab League begin to debate intervention in the Arabian Civil War, seeing it as possibly being a threat to the entire Middle East. Iran is proven to be funding the Shiite Rebels.

An alarmingly close vote to secede from the United States of America is held in New England. Similar referenda are held in other areas, all failing by a miniscule margin. This leads to speculation as to if the United States shall be able to maintain global dominance in some areas.

  • Flag of Australia Australia: The country is still unsure who to support in the Canadian Civil War and chooses to remain neutral in the conflict. In other news, the Australian Space Agency (ASA) launched 2 noteworthy missions into space this year. The first, launched with technology based on SpaceX's Falcon 10 (yes i just made that up but it has been 8 years so...) rocket, carried 20 toaster sized satellites into space and placed them into orbit around the Moon. This was in preparation for the second Moon mission in December. Speaking of that mission, this December, the ASA launched a Moon rover into space on the Falcon Heavy 2 and it touched down safely on the Dark Side of the Moon, right on schedule. As such, Australia now has a rover on the Moon. It will conduct many experiments on the Martian soil and lower atmosphere, and will assist the orbiting satellites in mapping out a portion of the Moon for future manned missions. Speaking of the orbiting satellites, 8 of them act as a relay to boost communication speed between Earth and the Moon. 5 of the satellites have been tasked with analysing the upper atmosphere of Mars in various positions. 4 of the satellites are liaising with the ground rover to map the surface of the Moon while the last 3 satellites were in fact crash landed on the Moon, measuring mid-level atmospheric conditions and testing the gravity, pressure, and other variables for future manned missions. Last but not least, the Australian population has reached a record-breaking 35 million people with a military of 350,000 personnel. The government has expressed hesitation at increasing the number of military recruits citing Australia as being 'the opposite if militaristic'. However, the government invests 40 million AZD into AI research and remote-control technology. A UAV facility is constructed in Western Australia & a Unmanned Nautical Vehicle (UNV) facility is constructed in the Northern Territory.
  • Flag of the United States of America United States of America: Guam and the Mariana Islands are turned into one Incorporated Territory, called the Mariana Territory. Puerto Rico and The Virgin Islands are also Incorporated as the Puerto Rico Territory. American Samoa is organized. Due to the CIA leak, we are forced to send vocal support to the rebels in Canada or face a rebellion ourselves. We reaffirm that secession from the union is ILLEGAL. NASA is given a budget boost, with it now taking up 4% of the US budget. The Deficit has been reduced massively due to large budget cuts, and is now only 57% of the GDP, and expected to continue to drop with semi-socialist policies from Democratic leadership. The Republican party collapses due to the abolishment of the Electoral College. It splits into the moderate Centrist Party and the Conservative Union Party. The Democratic Party becomes increasingly Progressive, with smaller parties of those who are more moderate, conservative, or radical.
  • Flag of Japan Japan: The government officially removes sanctions on Russia after another vote on it was passed. Most of the government also begin to pursue a more independent foreign policy as well with a little over two-thirds support, despite objections made by LDP-Komeito coalition and a few Kibō no Tō and other party members. Elections in Okinawa take place with Taira Satoko from the Okinawa Social Mass Party winning. JAXA announces a mission to Luna by 2037 and to Mars in 2049. Persona 6 is released for the PlayStation 5, as is Gran Turismo Sport 2. Kōsei cast makes it debut to Love Live! School Idol Festival All Stars, and the first season of the anime centred on Kōsei is aired.
  • Flag of Russia Russia: The Russian Government thanks Japan for officially removing sanctions. Legislative elections occur this year for the 9th convocation of the State Duma. Since Vladimir Putin stepped down from the presidency, the United Russia party has lost its main figure and gradually lost popularity as its current leader Dmitry Medvedev is largely blamed for the government's inept monetary policies during the Putin presidency. Other parties, including President Baburin's own Russian All-People's Union, move in to fill the void from the traditional parties. The younger demographic of Russia that has mostly lived under the Putin administration is voting for other, non-traditional parties. Thanks to continued economic growth and the corruption purge, Baburin's ethnic nationalist Russian All-People's Union (taking part in a legislative election for the first time since 1995), won 219 of the 450 seats, slightly less than half. In second was the liberal party Yabloko, which was followed by the Communist Party, Nikolai Starikov's Great Fatherland Party, LDPR, A Just Russia, with the lost United Russia party coming in behind most of its former opponents, and several others getting a few seats. The All-People's Union entered into a nationalist coalition with the Great Fatherland Party and the LDPR. Anton Bakov's Monarchist Party did not take part in the elections and Bakov stepped down as Chairman of Government of the RF (Prime Minister), with Baburin appointing Nikolai Starikov in his place. This was the first legislative election since Baburin replaced Putin as president in 2024, and the most diverse parliament in many years with many different parties.
  • Flag of the People's Republic of China People's Republic of China: As the country continues to industrialize at a faster pace and the economy having surpassed that of the United State's, near perfect prosperity has ascended mainland China, albeit a few petty crimes and an increase in black market item production and distribution. With Xi Jinpeng having spent most of this year outside of the public eye, he has announced the stepping down of his position from Presidency. Capitalism, in small amounts, keeps the economy as high as needed, due to much of the world's goods being produced in China. Due to the collapse of North Korea and South Korea's un-rightful annexation of the northern half, relations are increased with Vietnam and Cuba, as the number of communist nations decreases. Due to them being seen as "the enemy of my enemy", relations with Russia are asked to be increased, including further economic and political ties with the Shanghai Five and participating nations in the organization.


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