Territorial Dispute






South-East Asia



Major battles:

Battle of Sabah

Battle of Singapore

Battle of Rangoon

  • Flag of Malaysia Malaysia
  • Flag of Brunei Brunei
  • Flag of Indonesia Indonesia
  • Flag of Myanmar Myanmar
  • Flag of Cambodia Cambodia
  • Flag of Malaysia Abdul Amir Razak (MAS)
  • Flag of Brunei

Azaf Azirruddin (BRU)

  • Flag of Indonesia Jonny Setangao (INA)
  • Flag of Myanmar

Htin Kyau (MYA)

  • Flag of Cambodia

Abasem Silangaphet (CAM)







The AESEAN war was a 5 year long war fought between the nations of the AESEAN Union. The territorial dispute started when Indonesia's democracy was overthrown by a military coup. The leadership was overthrown, and the new government lasted for 6 months. The leaders of the coup stated intentions of annexing Bornean Malaysia, as well as Brunei. This act caused the Nations of Malaysia, Brunei, and Singapore to jointly declare war on Indonesia. A few days later, pressured to take Indonesia's side, Myanmar and Cambodia join Indonesia's side. Thailand and Laos have stated neutrality.

Battle of Sabah Edit

Malaysian and Indonesian forces battled in the Battle of Sabah. Indonesian forces had ransacked the majority of cities in this province. However, local militia defended these cities very well reducing Indonesia's force from 55,000 to a measly 15,000. Abdul Razak, Malaysia's president-general, decides to deploy a troop of 60,000 soldiers to finish off the Indonesians. The summary of the Battle follows:

  1. Malaysian forces are deployed in the province of Sabah.

2. Indonesian forces, tired from the local resistance, stakeout in a well- hidden cave. Of the 15,000 remaining, only 8,500 ventured in the cave.

3. Malaysian stealth bombers (loaned from Japan), locate the cave. A small flash of a flare by an Indonesian, and they are exposed. The pilots drop 4 sets of cluster bombs on the cave, crushing the soldiers inside.

4. A few 500 escaped- However, they were brutally slaughtered by the Malay forces, who were waiting right outside.

5. 2,000 or so Indonesians ventured deep enough into the cave so that they weren't crushed to death. Despite that, they could no longer find a way out, and were trapped inside. Many of these forces either died due to asphyxiation or suicide in the days that followed.

6. The remaining 6,500 forces had to face off against a Malay force of 55,000. The Malaysians then employed a janissary tactic. Malaysian soldiers would then fire at the Indonesians from well hidden sidelines, sometimes killing the opposition, but mainly injuring them. Indonesians, tired from escaping, are confronted by a surprise Malaysian attack. The battle ensues. The casualty count is as follows: 14,500 Indonesians , 850 Malaysians. The remaining 500 Indonesians are taken captive. The battle ends.

Filipino Position Edit

The Philippines had stated official neutrality on this issue, due to not being part of AESEAN. However, the world exploded when it was realized that the Filipinos had taken a stance on this issue. They had secretly provided goods to the Malaysians during the battle of Sabah. While it was proven that these shipments were inconsequential, the whole world decided to sanction the Philippines due to this outrageous act.

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