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Buddhist Calendar Year 3544 (3000 CE) is a year within the 35th Century of the Buddhist Calendar.



  • Empire of Japan
  • Sino-Korean Federation
  • European Federation
  • Confederation of South East Asia
  • African Union
  • Oceania
  • Latin Vinlandia Empire
  • Republic of Indiana and Canada
  • Arabia
  • Persia
  • New Shōtoku
  • Suiyuan
  • Switzerland
  • India


  • Soga Shogunate
  • Neo Hokkaido
  • Kingdom of New Sønderborg


  • Fujiwara Shogunate
  • Kaenbyou Confederation
  • Federal Prefectures of Komeiji
  • Empire of Novo Macau


  • Republic of Kokoro
  • Futatsuiwa Empire
  • Federal Republic of New Seoul


  • New Rotterdam
  • New Amsterdam
  • State of Konpaku
  • Neo Joseon

Elsewhere in the Milky Way

Andromeda Galaxy



  • Windmills and Solar Power are widespread and power roughly 95% of the Earth.


  • With new technology, Earth has cooled down by Ten Degrees and the sea levels had lowered by 50 metres.
  • Most deserts on Earth are turned into grasslands, and many new towns and cities were established.
  • Killing animals for food continues to be widespread, extremely common, and highly supported.


  • The Fictional to Real Life Machine was completed in Japan in 2555. With this, its now possible to bring characters from fiction into real life.
  • In vitro meat is unsuccessful, and many people prefer to eat actual meat instead of meat developed in labs.
  • High Speed Trains are widespread, used for both passengers and goods. Slower trains are outdated and no longer used.
  • The building of many underwater tunnels and bridges have connected the world fully. It's now possible to drive from Indianapolis to Tokyo, and take a train from Jakarta to Bangkok.
  • Baidu and Naver are among the most used search engines in the World, replacing Google, Bing and Yahoo!.
    • Other search engines, such as Yandex, see a rise in usage and become more popular.



  • After signing a deal with Formula 1, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is admitted as a Formula 1 Circuit.
  • Handegg, known as "Football" by Canadians and the former Americans, had declined in popularity and was soon abandoned in 2500 CE.
  • The word Soccer is long abandoned as it's now referred to as Football Worldwide.


  • Vegetarianism is unpopular and are a minority.


  • Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Hinduism, and Islam are among the dominant religions in the world.
  • A half of the World are Atheist or Irreligious.
  • Christianity and Judaism have disappeared by 2090 CE, after the last few followers became Atheist or followed another religion.

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