These Attack to place on the 27th July 2012 all over the world. Bombers were Al-Qaeda supported by the Russian Government at 2256 GMT


United Kingdom

  • The Royal Box in the London Olympic Games was planted with Explosives and killing many important people such as HM Queen Elizabeth II and Prime Minister David Cameron.
  • Five Bombers were also in the Crowd killing over 100 people and Injuring over 200
  • Three Tube Trains in London were also blown up. 67 People Killed. 83 Injured.

United States

  • One Bomb went off in the Ground Floor of the Empire State Building.7 Killed. 12 Injured.
  • Russian Sleeper Agents That were piolts Hijacked 7 Planes Altogether and Crashed into Several Buildings
    • Flight 65 crashed into The White House killing many of Obama's Staff. President Obama was in London at the Time
    • Flight 52 crashed into The Willis Tower killing 1234 People
    • Flight 33 crashed into Bank of America Tower killing over 1000 People
    • Flight 12 crashed into the CIA Headquarters
    • Flight 123, 86 and 210 were shot down by Fighter Jets
  • A Gunman also went on a shooting spree in Times Square, New York


  • 2 Metro Trains blown up Killing 32 People
  • The Eiffel Tower Restaurant Bombed

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