By this decade, every country was on nuclear fusion. Famines were limited to poor landlocked countries thanks to advancements in desalination. The 2nd iron curtain deteriorated not because of Russia's decline (though its population was still aging and the country still had internal problems) but because of the cooling down in tensions.


On August 18 2084, the supreme court ruled that sibling marriage was constitutional.


tensions eased between the 2 factions


China, Japan, and Korea continued their economic descent, aging population, and people migrating to India.

Central Asia


Although the country's birthrates declined to a shrinking level, immigration allowed the population to continue growing. Its society had also liberalized.

Middle East

Most people in the middle east either moved to Iraq or India (Afghanistan had strict border control) but a few moved to Europe.


Many arabs moved southward to economically sound countries such as Nigeria, South Sudan, Central African Republic, Ethiopia, and the DRC.

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