In the 2070s, tensions were rapidly colling down between Nato and Russia's allies. Meanwhile, the middle east was in ruins.


USA and Russia agreed to nuclear reductions

In other news, self driving cars had become so ubiquitous that the legal drinking ages were lowered to 18 in all US states except Mississippi (21) and and a few other conservative states (ex: Texas had it at 20)

Latin America

not much worth noting occurred in Latin America


The heavily militarized border of Russia saw a reduction from both sides. Although Russia retained Crimea, they did agree to reduce their nuclear stockpile.



China continued its stroll downwards much like detroit.


not much changed in Tibet


the country continued to see financial problems

Central Asia

India continued to play a very big part in the economy of Central Asia


In 2070, Afghanistan closed its borders to Iranian refugees.

Middle East

Many countries fell apart due to internal strife following the destruction of cities.

United Arab Emirates:

the UAE was a far cry from what it had been. The country split up into its emirates. The dubai emirate grew much poorer as people moved out.


The country fell into the control of several warlords.


Iraq remained stable even as their neighboring countries fell apart around them. However, the country's economy lagged as many countries discontinued importing oil from the middle east.


The african countries which still used oil prefered getting it from neighboring countries such as Nigeria or Uganda as opposed to middle eastern countries such as Iraq.

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