Internal Communication between the White House and Bruce Industries about the Invasion of Guinea

The 2067 leak of federal government documents was the release of thousands of internal government, military, and corporate documents by whistleblower Alex Wilson, formerly an official in the State Department. The documents spread on underground data networks across the world, and were widely distributed by Black Hat, a highly secretive computer-based resistance organization. As a result, the Patriot Commission executed Alex Wilson for treason, triggering enormous protests against the Donald King administration. The documents revealed, among other things, that the Guinea War was a plot by Bruce Industries to secure revenues from minerals in Guinea, and that November Horror was planned by the White House Administration. Riots grew out of control in Los Angeles and Portland, Oregon, causing over five hundred deaths and initiating a state of martial law. This leak was often referred to by current president Albert Norman during the buildup to Donald King's trial.

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