2067, the years of the Technological Revolution (2038-20??), spiralled into boom by technological advanced made in the end of the Third World War, were now showing just how the amazing advances had changed human society.

120 050p quality holographic entertainment systems, a medical revolution. Mass economic and development boom saw literally cities built in a fortnight (or as the saying goes, Rome wasn't built in a day, but Aurora was.) Cancer cells could be crushed like breadcrumbs. AI lived amongst humans, taking the unskilled jobs, serving the middle and upper class. It was possible for two male or female parents to conceive a child purely genetically related to both and nothing else. These advancements gave way to the awe of many, and the hatred, confusion and resentment of more. 

This scenario examines life in the world of 2067, a thriving empire of electricity thirsty nations fresh off war and an oil crisis into new hope, a literal human revolution.

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