In the 1960s, the world came close to nuclear war. In the 2060s, it actually happened in the middle east. Ironically, this likely averted a similar war between Nato and the EU.

America Edit

USA: Edit

As a direct result of the middle eastern apocalypse, the USA and Russia eased relations

Tobacco was officially reclassified as a class I substance officially banning.

Canada: Edit

Thanks to global warming melting the ice sheets and displacing water, Canada gained more usable land as a result.

Europe Edit

Many European countries expressed sorrow for the mass destruction caused in the Arab countries and Iran. Nato and the Eurasian Union cooled down relations as a result.

Eurasian Union: Edit

By 2060, Russia had an edge over the Dagestan nationalists and Islamists.

Latin America Edit

Not much happened in Latin America aside from many countries seeing their populations begin to shrink.

Pacific Edit

Populations in the area continued to age and shrink.

Central Asia Edit

Because India was still a superpower, many people fled to that country and Afghanistan.

Middle East Edit

On September 19 2060, Iran "accidentally" launched a nuclear warhead at Abu Dhabi. The Iranian government claimed that they had been hacked and that the nuclear bombing of Abu Dhabi was a false flag operation conducted by Israeli hackers. Saudi Arabia would hear none of it and launched retaliatory strikes at Iranian targets; Jordan and Turkey also joined them in addition to their allies planning an invasion. In response, Iran obliterated major cities belonging to SA (except Mecca), Jordan, Kuwait, UAE (Dubai), Oman, Turkey, Somalia, Egypt, and Libya. Israel was also targeted but the country had already deployed an anti ballistic shield to protect them.

In the aftermath, Kurdistan annexed parts of Turkey and Iran and Israel annexed the Sinai peninsula.

Africa Edit

A few of the Arab countries were devastated by the war. Those countries being Libya, Egypt, and Somalia.

Sudan: Edit

Sudan's woes persisted but they were relieved that Khartoum wasn't wiped off the map. Unfortunately, as a direct result of the bombings in Egypt, there were numerous cases of nuclear poisoning from the Nile river.

South Sudan: Edit

Radiation poisoning persisted down south. The fallout in the river damaged crops and killed many animals including humans.

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