• The global population as of 2055 is 9,195,273,206 people.
  • The most populous nations are India, Nigeria, Mexico, the Southern Chinese Federation and Japan.
  • The lunar population is 798,206 people.
  • The martian population is 107,364 people.
  • The primary languages are Spanish, English, Russian,German and Portuguese

Politics and Warfare

  • There is a cold war going on between a European-South American-Pacific alliance and a Russian-Mexican-African alliance.
  • The biggest world powers are the Mexican Federation, Germany, Brazil, Russia, Australia, Nigeria, Vietnam and Iran.
  • There is a colonization race going on between Russia, Australia, Germany, Brazil and Mexico.
  • No human beings are allowed to serve in a national military due to the 2047 UN Charter on Warfare. Despite this, many humans still serve in the military through the form of PMCs.
  • Most borders are open.
  • Nanoterrorism is the primary terrorist threat to the world in 2055. The deadliest attack was one on Hamburg, where 10,355 people were killed.

Biotech and Medicine

  • Life extension pills are available, although they can only extend one's life by 30-40 years.
  • While genetic enhancements can not give humans superpowers or increase their health, due to the Resource Wars of the 2030s destroying much of the research facilities, they can now be used to modify the color of your body parts and the shape and size of your body parts.
  • Around 33% of humans across every planet have received some kind of genetic enhancement.
  • Amputees can regrow lost limbs.
  • Paralysis has been cured.
  • Designer babies exist, although they are primarily used by PMCs to create better soldiers.
  • AIDS, polio, malaria, the flu and most types of cancer have been cured.


  • 83% of the world's' energy comes from solar, wind, hydroelectric or fusion power.
  • Solar panels can harness 51% of the energy that they receive.

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